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New design studio MV Agusta in Monaco

New design studio MV Agusta in Monaco

“Italian design” sells. Considering that Italian designers top the lists of the most in-demand around the world, the participation of Italians in creating the image of a product is always prestigious and ultimately beneficial, whether we are talking about clothes or about motorcycles. Take Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta – enchanting lines of the most beautiful bikes on the market – cutting edge, eye-catching and mesmerizing.

Monaco Design Studio, MV Agusta design studio in Monaco

What comes to mind when we talk about Monaco? Luxury, high cost and exclusivity, isn’t it? The French principality is one of the most glamorous cities in the world; a place where you have to pay for every step, if it is not done in designer shoes. The mountain-sea city-state is famous for an abundance of casinos, yachts, luxury hotels, supercars, and, of course, the annual Formula 1. And now it will become famous for the new Monaco Design Studio, which is being opened by MV Agusta.

Monaco Design Studio, MV Agusta design studio in MonacoMonaco Design Studio, MV Agusta design studio in Monaco

MV Agusta is already producing factory custom vehicles, and now, to give them an extra luxury charm, unique motorcycles will be developed in a design studio in Monaco. The studio was founded by former MotoGP racer Virginio Ferrari (the press release does not say what he is a champion), whose love story with MV Agusta began more than twenty years ago. In 1998, he became the official importer of the brand in Monaco and served his dazzling clientele specially prepared motorcycles with a custom sauce.

It is from this direction of activity that the new design studio proceeds. Ferrari was joined by longtime accomplice, engineer Katsuhito Shimizu, as well as French designer Alexander Dooley. You can ask Ducati on occasion how it feels to work with French designers (just a hint: just great).

If there was a place that would take the prestige and exclusivity of MV Agusta one step higher, then this was Monaco, and Virginio Ferrari should have led this event, – said the owner of MV Agusta Timur Sardarov. – The opening of a design studio in Monaco is just an official recognition of Virginio’s merits over the years. He and his team deserve every success in this exclusive venture

So if your wallet allows you to order factory custom MV Agusta, then you will be pleased to know that they will surely have a gold nameplate. “Designed in Monaco”

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