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New Director of the Dakar Rally

Rally Dakar

Times are changing even for the Dakar Rally: David Custer replaced Etienne Lavigne, who served as director for a long time.

New Director of the Dakar Rally

Caster’s name is not known to the general public, but longtime Dakar fans should know him, because he took part in the race in the motorcycle class. And most recently he was the co-driver of Cyril Despres in the car class (they won the Silk Way Rally twice). For some time, Caster served as director of Rally Morocco, where he played an important role in the development of individual routes for motorcycles.

Dakar Race

Now the Dakar race is undergoing significant changes: in 2019 the rally was held in one country, and the transcontinental origin is a thing of the past. What changes will Caster bring? It is difficult to judge yet. But given his varied experience as a driver, rider and organizer, it can be assumed that he will have a significant impact on the organization of the race, whether it takes place again in South America or returns to Africa.

As for Lavigne, he will remain with the Amory Sports Organization (ASO) and will continue to promote the Dakar Rally. So do not think that it was simply thrown out as unnecessary.

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