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New Icon 2020 – Field Armor 3 Protection for Motorcyclists

A variety of equipment can be used to protect motorcyclists, especially with discounts on weather, bike class and driving habits. For active drivers Icon has released a new product – Field Armor 3. This series consists of a vest, knee pads and elbow pads.

Such protection is well suited not only for city drivers, but also for athletes – stunt riders. Choosing between a vest, a turtle or a jacket with D3O protection is a matter of personal taste and preference. But Icon once again relied on safety, reliability and comfort.

Field Armor Vest 3

Icon vests are low-profile so they can be easily paired with many motorcycle jackets. Users will love the combination of ventilated biofoam, mesh material with a molded body.

The comfort is enhanced by the presence of ventilation slots. Please note that the special manufacturing technology of the chest plate increases the permeability of the air flow through it by 45%, but does not reduce the level of safety.

The D3O Viper (EN 1621-2: 2014, Level 1) is responsible for the back protection, and the D3O LP1 (EN 1621-3 2018, Level 1, T-) is responsible for the chest protection.

To adjust the vest to your figure, special elastic Velcro straps have been created.

Field Armor 3 Knee Pads

The knees are a pivot point when falling from a motorcycle, therefore, injuries are very frequent and serious. To protect them, you can use protective inserts in motorcycle pants or motorcycle jeans, or you can take knee pads. New for this fall – especially durable and comfortable knee pads.

The ventilated biofoam and air mesh are connected to the molded body in the same way as the vest. Here, too, the D3O LP1 protection with an increased number of channels is used. Certified according to standard EN 1621-1 2012, Level 1.

Note that the inner surface in contact with the skin uses the moisture-wicking antimicrobial material HydraDry.

Since knee pads should not twist or slip in an emergency, three elastic belts are used for reliability.

Field Armor 3 Elbow Pads

Like the knees, the elbows are the fulcrum of the fall, so protecting them is just as important. Icon offers motorcyclists something interesting.

Yes, the same technologies are used here as in the previous versions – a molded body, biofoam and an air mesh. D3O is also ventilated and certified according to standard EN 1621-1 2012, Level 1.

Even the HydraDry lining again does not bother anyone. The elbow pad is worn under the main garment, so it has contact with the driver’s skin. This means that the use of antimicrobial and moisture-wicking lining is completely justified.

The adjustment design looks curious. It’s not just a pair of straps anymore, no. The wide elastic sleeve is responsible for both comfort and safety. Now the elbow pad will be hard to lose!

All three protection elements are already available for pre-order.

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