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New Icon Squad 4 motorbags – a new level of comfort

In the arsenal of any motorcyclist there should be a place for a backpack, and for the sake of justice, it should be clarified that a backpack should not be simple … A motorcycle backpack is not an ordinary container for various things, but a full-fledged independent piece of equipment.

A motor backpack differs from a simple backpack not only in the level of elaboration, but also in additional shockproof protection. This is important, because you don’t want to break your laptop or camera if you suddenly fall? So the manufacturer does not want this!

Icon has released new items that will interest motorcycle enthusiasts. A city motorcyclist is nowhere without a backpack, because you will not carry side bags with you around the city – to the office, to a cafe or a bank, and the backpack can also be used in everyday life off-road.

Icon Squad 4

Icon has revised the backpacks and released an updated version. Squad 4 has a soft section for a laptop, because now no one travels without electronics, and in a big city work may require full participation at any time!

The backpack itself has a volume of 23 liters, which is quite enough for a city, but with a large volume on a motorcycle it can be inconvenient.

A separate low bow for the additional ability to carry a helmet with you. Everything is logical and functional. A special pocket is securely fastened with hooks from the outside. Thus, you can not worry about the safety of the helmet, and your hands are free.

Note that the cover can be pulled over the entire backpack when not wearing a helmet, and protect the backpack from rainy weather or muddy roads.

The second thing that pleases me very much is the advanced harness. Large volume backpacks necessarily have a belt that allows you to distribute weight to the pelvic region, which makes travel easier. In Icon backpacks, the harness is needed so that the backpack fits comfortably, does not dangle like a flag in the wind, and does not get lost in the event of a fall. In addition, the system includes many adjustments that will allow you to fit the fit to the figure. The backpack snaps into place at the chest and waist. Magically!

Icon has traditionally used YKK zippers in its equipment, which have proven themselves well.

Additionally, reflective elements should be noted, which will have a positive effect on safety in the dark or cloudy weather.

Do I need to remind you that all Icon backpacks have reinforced seams and additional stitching, impact protection.

Water supply system sold separately. And what, not only professional athletes are thirsty during the race! Coolest addition!

The textile backpack is available in two colors – Hi-Viz and black.

Without false modesty, I must say that this is a really worthy upgrade of a motor backpack, which gave safety, reliability, functionality and ease of use on the exhaust.

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