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New Indian Scout Rogue Registration Patent

Indian Motorcycle’s new trademark filings across multiple markets means a new variant of the Scout is in development, namely the Scout Rogue.

Indian Scout Rogue?

The trademark application was first filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, followed by applications to similar bodies in Australia and the European Union. In each organization, the name “Scout Rogue” registered for “motorcycles and structural elements therefor”… The description is rather scarce, but some parallels with the facts already known to us from the history of Indian and its parent company Polaris are possible.

From the name it is already clear that the Rogue will be built on the Scout platform with a liquid-cooled V-twin. Most likely, its working volume will be equal to 1133 cc, but it is possible that the younger, 1000 cc version of the engine, which is now equipped with the Scout Sixty, will be used.

Curiously, this isn’t the first time Polaris has attempted to use the Rogue name for a motorcycle. In 2013, Polaris already applied for the Rogue trademark as the name for the Victory motorcycle. A second try could mean the Scout Rogue was originally meant to be released as a Victory, possibly as a follow-up to the Octane with the 1179cc version of the Scout engine. This is not the first time Polaris has revived early projects under the Indian brand – in particular, this is exactly what happened with the Challenger engine, which was originally intended for the Victory.

Outside of the historical context, the name Rogue says little. Indian’s accessory line includes two-seater Rogue seats, but these are designed for big cruisers and tourers, not Scouts. At first glance, it looks like the Scout Rogue might just be a black version of the Scout. But assuming that the Indian designers and constructors have gone a little further, then this could be a faster Scout, perhaps borrowing a number of elements from the Octane. It would be interesting to look at the Scout-based factory cafe racer, or even a streetfighter – to the delight of those upset about the cancellation of the Harley Davidson Bronx.

However, this is all just speculation. It remains to wait for the official presentation of the novelty from Indian, or at least a well-planned leak.

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