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New items and news from Beijing International Motor Show 2021


QJMOTOR is one of the largest Chinese motorcycle manufacturers, and its exposition at the Beijing Motor Show covered about 1,500 square meters.


This model embodies the overall design of the QJMOTOR racing line, with a forward-tilted head and a unique rear air duct. The engine of this model is a 249 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder twin-overhead motor, which produces 27.8 hp at 9500 rpm and 22.5 Nm at 7250 rpm. It comes standard with a slip clutch, KYB suspension components, ABS and a TFT display.


The SRK700 also debuted at the Beijing Exhibition. It also embodies the features of the QJMOTOR sports line, combined with some fantastic elements.

This model is equipped with a new 700 cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine, at its peak giving out 76hp at 8750rpm and 68.2Nm at 6250rpm. In the development of this model, maximum relief was put at the forefront – this novelty weighs 192 kg. The QJMOTOR SRK700 is equipped with a multi-link progression rear suspension for excellent handling and ride comfort. The SRK700 is available in two versions, differing in braking systems and dashboard trim.


CFMOTO released some great models on the first day, such as the 800MT, the 250SR track version, as well as the 700CLX Sport and the 1250TR-G, the largest motorcycle currently produced in China.

New items and news from Beijing International Motor Show 2021


A versatile touring motorcycle positioned between heavy off-road bikes and road tourists, CFMOTO 800MT has an international standard power level, rich electronic functionality and easy operation. To date, this is the most cubature touring vehicle produced for the domestic market.

CFMOTO 800MT is available in two versions, both of which are currently equipped with a conventional mechanical ignition switch. Due to the global crisis in the production of electronic chips, the keyless version is currently not available even for pre-order.

CFMOTO 250SR track version

The new bright orange track version of the CFMOTO 250SR is identical in performance to the original track version, but the designers used a bold blue-orange color scheme. to give the motorcycle a striking and imposing appearance that makes it easy to identify the motorcycle on the track and gives the feeling of competition.


Two years after the concept was published, the CFMOTO 700CL-X Sport has finally made its domestic debut. Unlike the 700CL-X Heritage, the 700CL-X Sport has a more aggressive, sporty fit, a fine textured two-tone scheme, clip-ons and a high passenger seat that accentuates the authentic cafe racer in this model.


Touring motorcycle CFMOTO 1250TR-G is the largest motorcycle manufactured in China. This model features a powerful KTM V-twin and an advanced touring hood, premium WP suspension components, Brembo brakes, built-in speakers and a luggage system.



In honor of the 110th anniversary of the BENELLI brand, the first Chinese-made cruiser with a displacement of more than a liter, the BENELLI 1200GT, was presented at the Beijing International Motor Show. Also, this model is the first to be equipped with a serial three-cylinder engine made in China.

New items and news from Beijing International Motor Show 2021

The three-cylinder engines, renowned for their fun, sporty character, have been out of production in China for a long time due to high production prices and technological limitations, and at the moment other brands, with the exception of BENELLI, do not produce engines of this configuration. With the release of the three-cylinder motorcycle, BENELLI not only successfully broke the overseas monopoly on this configuration, but also helped the three-cylinder engines get closer to Chinese fans.


BENELLI 600GC is still the only four-cylinder cruiser made in China. The new engine is capable of 81.5hp at its peak, and the addition of a slipping clutch makes the bike more responsive. The riding position of the BENELLI 600GC has also been improved: the bike is now equipped with alloy clip-ons and the rider sits relatively upright, making long-distance travel much more comfortable.

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