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New Marketing Director for MV Agusta. Why, how, why?

New Marketing Director MV Agusta

And so the already shaky motorcycle industry was pretty crippled by the leap year 2020. However, are only motorcycle manufacturers affected?

MV Agusta

But the crisis is the starting point for development, and MV Agusta understands this very well. The company needed a new, strong CMO – someone who is passionate about motorcycles and is well versed in today’s digitalized marketplace with its non-trivial challenges.

Filippo Bassoli

In other words, someone who is exactly like Filippo Bassoli, whom MV Agusta recently introduced as the group’s new CMO. His previous job was in the Italian division of the international company Deus Ex Machina, where he spent several years in the marketing and communications departments, until he took over as Director of Global Marketing in 2017. Since then, he has held this position, while simultaneously consulting, including for one tiny company that you probably know as Dainese.

Bassoli turned out to be just the perfect candidate for a position at MV Agusta, at least that’s what Timur Sardarov, CEO of the company, thought. As anyone who has participated in job interviews (even as a candidate, even as an employer) knows, skills in this matter greatly facilitate the course of employment, although they do not guarantee it. But the fact that the candidate has a very passionate love for both motorcycles and the Italian school of design has played a decisive role and will help in his work for the benefit of MV Agusta.

I am delighted to welcome to our team Filippo, a talented young professional with extensive experience in working with legendary brands, known for his exceptional management skills. His creative and entrepreneurial character will be an excellent support in realizing our strategic growth plan for the coming years. I am sure that he will show himself perfectly in the role of the new charismatic leader of the marketing department of our group of companies, – said Sardarov.

Nothing inspires me more than motorcycles and a lifestyle with the iconic Made in Italy wordmark. When MV Agusta contacted me about this position, I was thrilled to be joining such a great company with an incredible track record of success and one of the most recognizable, loved and respected brands in the world, ”Bassoli said in response.

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