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New patent application from KTM tosses firewood into gossip flames

A new patent application from KTM has thrown firewood into the flames of gossip about the company’s ideas that will be embodied in upcoming models, and in particular about the motard on the 390th platform.

The patent itself refers to active / adaptive cruise control based on the Bosch circuitry, exactly the same one already available as an option on the Ducati Multistrada V4 and installed as standard on the BMW R 1250 RT 2021. KTM announced the development of motorcycles equipped with this system, back in May 2018, and in 2019, photos of the pre-production 1290 Super Adventure equipped with this system appeared on the network. This model has been seen a few more times since then, and we are still waiting for it in the updated 2021 lineup, but now it turns out that KTM is planning to install radars from Bosch on many more models.

But before moving on to the radars themselves, let’s take a closer look at the sketches in the patent application: KTM there depicted a certain motorcycle with a headlight. The model in the sketch could be anything at all, but for some reason they did not use one of the existing models to illustrate, instead depicting a motorcycle similar to the one that recently flashed a couple of times in spy photos – the new generation 390 Duke. The engine appears to be the same, but the chassis, subframe and tank are new. However, a closer look reveals that the sketch shows a motorcycle that is not identical to the Duke – its alloy wheels have been replaced with spoked wheels, suggesting that it will be a supermoto.

KTM investor reports have already hinted that such a model should be expected in the near future, as indicated by the two blurred images in the subsection. “Supermoto / Dual Purpose” among the line of 125/250/390 cc models.

New patent application from KTM tosses firewood into gossip flames

Radar from Bosch

Specifically for radar, the KTM patent illustrates several options for installing a front radar in the headlight compartment. One of the options has already been used on the leaked 1290 Super Adventure – with an arc-shaped cutout at the bottom of the headlight, into which a radar sensor is installed. Another version depicts a similar KTM-style headlamp, but the radar is installed on top of it, not below it. This option is better suited for road bikes such as Duke, where the headlight is mounted lower than the tourniquet. Installing the radar above the headlight gives it the best “overview” flow in front of the motorcycle.

The third headlamp variant obviously does not correspond to the current design of KTM’s motorcycles: it is a large round headlamp like the one found on the Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen, as well as on the upcoming Norden touring vehicle. Since Husqvarna is a sister company of KTM and the current Hasok models are based on KTM platforms, it is logical that radars will also be installed on Husqvarna motorcycles when they are run in KTMs. The Husqvarna headlamp design is perfect for this task, as it has a wide cross-section, and according to the patent, the radar sensor will be built right into it. True, it seems that they will put it only on Norden, since on Vitpilen and Svartpilen the headlight is mounted on the steering wheel, from the rotation of which the head will go round even on the radar from Bosch.

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