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New sporty Harley Davidson. About a quick presentation

What do you think is a sports bike as understood by Harley Davidson? Really hard to imagine, isn’t it? However, it will soon become known: Harley Davidson hinted at the imminent appearance of a motorcycle from “sports segment”equipped with the new 150-horsepower 1250-cc Revolution Max engine, exactly the same as in Pan America.

Sports Harley Davidson

The virtual presentation of the new model is scheduled for July 13, 2021. And the hint of the new HD bike looks like a close-up of the top of the V-engine with the HD 1250 badge.

Of course, “sports segment” for Harley, it’s a pretty streamlined concept. You might be thinking of a canceled Bronx streetfighter, but in fact it will be more like a sporty cruiser, perhaps called a Nightster or a Custom 1250, which Harley periodically throws firewood into the firebox of interest. At the very least, the tank, exhaust and engine in the image posted for the upcoming July 13 motorcycle are very similar to those of the Custom 1250 posted earlier.

In their press release, Harley called the event a transition from “evolution to revolution” and stated that the new model follows the Pan America 1250, which has recently appeared in dealerships around the world (Rumors and renders of the planned new models in the course of the “Revolution” Harley Davidson strategy we published earlier).

Following the successful launch of our first enduro touring motorcycle, Pan America, we are delighted to present yet another all-new Revolution Max motorcycle for the sports segment, delivering unmatched Harley Davidson technology, performance and style, ” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and the CEO of Harley Davidson.

The virtual event will feature details of the new model, featuring presentations from Harley Davidson executives, motorcycle industry experts and dedicated Harley riders.

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