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Night bike riding, what you need to know about it?

Who doesn’t love the city at night? Probably, only a person who is very tired of work and the futility of being is not in the mood to admire the illumination of a metropolis, appreciate the romance of streetlights on the pavements and the taste of coffee at a gas station.

It’s one thing when you deliberately leave for the city after sunset, it’s another when you have to return home without having the necessary equipment with you – a transparent visor, for example.

What problems await a motorcyclist at night?

  • Blinding by headlights of cars, lanterns along the roads
  • Unlit sections of the road
  • Cunning, self-taught and drunk people
  • Decrease in temperature, change in weather
  • Fatigue

Blinding by headlights of cars, lanterns along the roads

The main point that makes you doubt the need to leave at night. Not everyone has perfect vision, and besides the problem with lenses, instead of glasses, you have to attend to changing the visor.

It is one thing when you are thoughtful and carry a transparent visor with you just for such a case, it is another thing when there is no transparent visor and you have to feel it in a darkened one. Even if you decide to open your dark visor, naively hoping that this will save the situation, you drive along the road like a Chinese – your eyes are slit, tears like hail, mosquitoes, flies and dust, a full helmet. Somehow not happy about such a trip, even with the stunning consecration of the night city.

In order not to carry several visors with you, Icon has photochromic pinlocks Proshield, which are installed on Icon Airmada, Alliance, Alliance GT, Airframe, Airframe Pro, Variant visors. The essence of a pinlock is a dimming coating that reacts to direct sunlight. The pinlock remains transparent when exposed to artificial light from headlights and lanterns.

Another way out of the situation of replacing visors is to buy a helmet with built-in glasses. A win-win for any class of motorcycle. On sunny days, you wear glasses, and on night walks, simply put them away.

If we talk about interesting models from Icon, then the Alliance GT variant with glasses will be very interesting and convenient. You save time and space without the distraction of changing the visor.

So that you are not blinded by the oncoming headlights, try not to look at the light source. Take your gaze a little to the side, take care of how your vision rebuilds with sudden changes in illumination.

Unlit sections of the road

A classic of small towns, when there is normal lighting only on the central streets, and when you enter courtyards or adjoining streets, you seem to fall into a black hole, both literally and figuratively.

Try to drive at a slower speed when there is no light. Make it a rule to keep your speed so that your stopping distance does not exceed the section of the road that is illuminated by the headlights of your motorcycle.

Anyway, keep an eye on the state of the optics of the bike. You can play with the light of the light bulb, focusing on your personal comfort in the warm and cold spectrum.

Cunning, self-taught and drunk people

If you look at the statistics, it turns out that the main troubles and accidents occur at night due to traffic violations. Motorcyclists do not give way, motorcyclists themselves play “checkers” or do not expect the appearance of a rabid taxi at the intersection, the driver of which also does not bother to look around, so there are two scattered loneliness, due to the fact that no one thought to slow down in front of the intersection …

Fans of chasing, of course, understand the risk they are taking, but they rarely remember what kind of threat they pose to others, and then they start pointing a finger, they say, I’m flying at the full power of my supersport, and then a car knocks me down and how dare you, impudent give in?

In addition to reckless nights, self-taught people go to the city. The logic of such people is simple – at night the roads are not heavily loaded, there are no traffic jams, if you fall, then it is not in traffic, you can safely ride around the city, without disturbing anyone, get used to the behavior on the streets. And it would seem, what’s wrong with that? It’s okay, just self-taught and beginners make mistakes, get confused in signs, skip turns or go to intersections at the wrong time, using additional traffic light arrows, for example, and still practically do not know how to use the brakes.

Drinking too much people are Pandora’s black box on the city roads. To be honest, only your own vigilance and reaction will save you from them. I was personally hit by a car whose driver was drunk, he hit me and the girl, who did not have time to brake when leaving the intersection, although at the traffic light, the green light was ours. Those who have gone over too much are found not only at the wheel, there are no less “cheerful” pedestrians on the streets. They cross the road where they get into their heads, they can pester while you are standing at a traffic light at the crossing and suddenly jump onto the road or get out of a standing car.

In general, vigilance is your business.

Decrease in temperature, change in weather

At night, the weather changes, the temperature drops. If you are not ready for this, then you will simply start to freeze.

At night, due to the temperature difference, the visor fogs up a lot. It will not be superfluous to have a pinlock, or to treat the visor with special compounds.


If you have not forgotten your traffic rules, then there was a question about the effect of fatigue on the reaction rate. Keep in mind that sleepiness, fatigue, not only from the working day, but also from monotonous driving, affects your behavior during the trip. You are no longer so attentive to the road, you do not react so quickly to the situation, and perhaps you even dream of returning home as soon as possible and resting. But even if you are cheerful, cheerful, just like in that Soviet film, this does not mean that the driver of the oncoming car drives with the same enthusiasm.

To drive away fatigue, especially when the path is not close at night, try either to change the speed of movement, or to make additional stops to stretch your body. You can even corny squatting or stretching to disperse the blood through the body, to cheer up a little.

Be careful and attentive even when you want to admire the beauty of the city at night.

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