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On the incredible growth of Bajaj

Boosted by the ongoing pandemic, the demand for personal vehicles in Asian countries has resulted in impressive sales growth for motorcycle manufacturers. India was particularly affected, but the effect spread to neighboring markets as well. However, some brands, such as TVS, are aggressively expanding their presence in global markets, while other Indian manufacturers are capitalizing on strong domestic demand.

The most important motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Ranked as the most important motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Bajaj posted incredible growth in May 2021 with sales up 113 percent over the same period last year. The Indian industrial giant has an impressive arsenal of vehicles. Bajaj has literally everything from commercial three-wheel rickshaws RE to mid-size everyday motorcycles like the Dominar 250, not to mention the premium models sold in the KTM and Husqvarna lines. In May of this year, the company’s total sales totaled 240,554 units – more than double the already impressive 112,798 units sold in May 2020.

And all this – right in the midst of the economic crisis in India after the recent surge in coronavirus infections in that country. Due to the current situation, some industries were forced to go back to lockdown in order to allocate resources to deal with the consequences of the crisis. With vaccinations in full swing in both the public and private sectors, some motorcycle manufacturers have resumed operations, adhering to the strictest health protocols and carefully planned work schedules.

Few numbers

Specifically, Bajaj, the impressive growth in sales is largely due to the established supply of products for export: in this case, 180,212 units were delivered to neighboring countries. Compared to last year’s 73,512 units, Bajaj reports a 145 percent increase in exports. In the domestic market, Bajaj sold 60,342 units in May 2021, up from 39,286 units last May.

Bajaj Auto have announced their intention to continue releasing new models and updating their already impressive lineup. With the recent re-introduction of the electric scooter, as well as partnerships with KTM, Husqvarna and Triumph, the Indian auto giant’s business continues to look promising.

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