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Over volcanoes and glaciers on the Honda Africa Twin

Over volcanoes and glaciers on the Honda Africa Twin

For those who love travel, but do not know where to go, manufacturers of off-road equipment offer travel programs according to the system “all inclusive”, able to acquaint those interested with a taste of adventure. Take Ducati’s KTM Adventure Rally or Adventure Tours programs, for example.

Adventure Roads from Honda

So Honda is on this list in case you want to go on the Africa Twin. The Japanese announced details about the third Adventure Roads event, in which the adventurers will travel to the Land of Fire and Ice… The past two times, Honda has sent motorcycle tourists to explore Norway and South Africa, in 2017 and 2019. The next time is expected in 2021, and this time the group will travel for 11 days to Iceland!

The price includes accommodation, food, guides, fuel, service, luggage transfer between locations (visiting the south and center of Iceland is planned), and, of course, a herd of brand new Africa Twin CRF1100L. The only thing not included is the flight to Iceland. In addition to traveling through a mysterious and beautiful country, participants will take off-road courses with HRC factory riders to hone their skills and customize the bikes.

While other similar programs are fine for beginners, Honda’s Journey is designed for those who have driven for at least five years and must be “skilful riders” – The Icelandic wilderness does not forgive frivolity.

The strange thing is that Honda provides motorcycles for the tour participants, but only Europeans who have bought a new Africa Twin can take part in the event. And the cost of an 11-day tour is comparable to half the price of a motorcycle – 5,000 euros.

But who wouldn’t want to explore Iceland in a brand new Africa Twin with professional riders?

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