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Piaggio’s 4D Radar Security Platform

Piaggio’s Fast Forward division recently released a fun autonomous robot porter named Gita. Its function essentially boils down to one thing: to follow on the heels of the owner and carry the load. It is capable of carrying up to 18 kilograms of cargo, and in general a funny thing, but a reasonable question arises: what relation do robots have to motorcycles.

Piaggio Group state-of-the-art technologies

In fact, quite straightforward. Don’t worry, Piaggio hasn’t made a self-propelled tricycle yet, although things are moving towards that. The Piaggio Group, of course, is best known for its motorcycles and scooters – under the nameplates Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Piaggio, a huge number of various devices are produced, often combining retro design and modern technology.

It is on these very technologies that Piaggio’s Fast Forward division is working, and one of its recent creations is a radar sensor module that will be used in both Piaggio motorcycles and PFF robots.

Piaggio Fast Forward with Vayyar Imaging is about to release “the industry’s first 4D radar motorcycle safety platform”… On the basis of this technology, sets of electronic assistants ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems) for Piaggio Group motorcycles will subsequently be built.

The Piaggio ARAS system will include a range of features including blind spot detection, lane change assist (lane change, to be precise) and collision warning. According to the PFF, the radar operates in a range of 100 meters and has a very wide field of view. It is also stated that this technology has no blind spots and is capable of detecting and tracking multiple targets – at the moment, the number of simultaneously tracked objects is not reported, so it will be interesting to find out.

PFF creates advanced technology products for robots and motorcycles capable of detecting and measuring surrounding objects, providing information for mapping, object tracking and control regardless of lighting, weather and other environmental factors. We have chosen Vayyar 4D radar imaging technology to develop our detectors. We are delighted to be able to work with such a professional and dedicated team, and together we are creating new solutions that will provide our customers with the best user experience, ”said Greg Lynn, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward.

We are delighted to partner with PFF, who are at the forefront of sensor technology for both 2 and 3 wheel vehicle applications and robotics applications, ”said Vayyar Imaging Director Ilan Hayat.

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and this is a big step towards reducing the risk of collisions. Regardless of the type of vehicle, driver safety should not be compromised, and in partnership with PFF, we are happy to provide motorcyclists with an automotive-grade safety system, concluded Hayat.

Piaggio ARAS technology is expected to appear in Piaggio Fast Forward robots by the end of 2021. The module will be introduced into Piaggio Group motor vehicles in 2022.

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