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Pinlock – why do motorcyclists need it?

Who doesn’t get annoyed by the fogging visor of a motorcycle helmet? Is that the owner of an open helmet or motocross. For everyone else, condensation is the worst enemy. Among the tips for preventing fogging of the visor, one of the most common is to use a pinlock. So what is it? How does he work?


The visor fogs up when the temperature and humidity inside the helmet differ from the outside temperature. Since it is the visor that is located between “warm” and “cold”, it is he who fogs up. In other words, condensation is the result of cooling the air on the surface of the visor.

There are opinions that if the visor fogs up, then the helmet is bad. This is not true. Any helmet can fog up, a lot is decided by the quantity and quality of ventilation ducts, how and how the visor is processed, whether there is a breath deflector, how actively the driver breathes … the weather conditions, again, have not been canceled. But companies are doing their best to make life easier for motorcyclists.


Pinlock is an overlay made of a special composition of plastic and silicone. Due to this, the condensate on the surface does not roll down into drops, but is distributed and even partially absorbed by the upper layer.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the edges, thanks to which he creates an insulating effect. Many people compare this principle with glazing windows. Cold air from the external environment comes into contact with the surface of the visor, and warm air in the helmet touches the pinlock. The thinnest layer smooths out the temperature difference and therefore the visor does not fog up.

If condensation still forms after installing the pad, check for a tight fit. The pinlock should fit without gaps or crevices. There should be no looseness or loose edges. It is very important. Because if there are gaps, then warm air will get through them to the surface of the visor and will do its dirty work.

The pinlock is installed from the inside. It is possible to adjust the tightness of the tension by turning the outer screw counterclockwise.

It should be remembered that not all helmets are sold with a pinlock and not all visors are equipped with a pinlock.

Pinlocks differ not only in the type of visor, but also in the degree of darkness. There are completely transparent options and further, by gradation, light tint or darkening.

There is a logical question, if I have two visors – transparent and tinted, then why should I buy a pinlock for each? Or install different pinlocks on one visor? Manufacturers thought about this and developed photochromic pinlocks that are able to react to the amount of sunlight and darken, thereby adapting to weather conditions. It is likely that the future belongs to them. While there are not as many such models as we would like, but they are already available. You do not have to combine visors of different colors, it will be enough to choose your own set.

What do you need to remember?

Pinlock is a sensitive thing, so be careful when installing on the visor, scratches will affect the perception of the road and will be noticeable on sunny days.

Pinlock can get wet when your journey takes a long time in adverse conditions. Remember, we said above that the surface partially absorbs moisture and distributes it evenly? Like any security element, like any material, it has its own ultimate point. But the pinlock can be dried further into battle.

Pinlock is allowed to be washed in a mild soapy solution and wiped with extremely soft materials that will not scratch the surface. With intensive use, the service life fluctuates around two years.

Be prepared for the visual frame caused by the pinlock, as well as some optical distortion of the space. The pinlock applied to the visor is a double lens, and even curved. An external defect may appear along the edges of the visor, caused by light refraction through both lenses. At first it can be annoying, but then it’s a matter of habit.

It is not in vain that pinlocks have earned popularity among motorcyclists, because their use is really justified and effective.

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