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Record Ducati sales in 2018

Record Ducati sales in 2018

There is nothing better than Ducati.

This is the conclusion reached by 50,000 people from all over the world in 2018. For the fourth consecutive year, Ducati has sold over 50,000 units a year worldwide. One fifth of the total number of bikes sold are Panigale models, making the Ducati Superbike a champion in this segment as well.

To be precise, 53,004 Ducati motorcycles were sold last year. This is a very good indicator for the company. However, this ended 8 years of growth, and compared to 2017, sales fell by 5%. In the USA, where Ducati sales were usually the highest, there was a decline of almost 10%. As a result, the Italian market became the largest market.

Best Selling Superbike 2018

Despite declining global sales, Ducati retained the title of best-selling superbike of 2018 thanks to the Panigale lineup.

The number of Panigale motorcycles (including all models) sold in 2018 represents 18% of the total number of Ducati motorcycles sold: 9700 Panigale have been registered in their owners’ garages, of which 6100 are V4 models. Compared to 2017, the growth was 70%. And that is not all. Panigale’s massive sales have earned the range the 2018 bestseller in the superbike segment, capturing 26% of the global pie.

In the Adventure motorcycle segment the company can be proud of its Multistrada touring motorcycle line, with 11,829 units sold worldwide.

Despite the general decline in global sales, the markets of some countries are showing strong growth. Including China, where growth compared to 2017 was 29%.

Overall, Ducati management is delighted with the results and is optimistic about the future. Here’s how Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali comments on those numbers:

In 2018, we reached a level of stability. The past year has been good both in terms of business and in terms of racing. We have won countless MotoGP races and developed an exceptional motorcycle. In short, the stability of the company has remained unwavering, as has our commitment to moving forward in terms of innovation and product development. Our clients can rest assured that we will continue to offer them style icons and the best of modern technology.

Only one question remains open: how the 5 reviews recorded in 2018 will affect future sales and the status of the company. Besides, you either love the brand or you don’t. Each brand has a certain character, it cannot be denied. Very often people rate it even higher than reliability.

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