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Results of the world quest from KTM. Who got the new Adventure S

With the advent of the coronavirus, the world has changed, and motorcycle rallies and other motorcycle events are no exception. In 2020, many motorcycle organizations and manufacturers have moved to digital and remote events in order to simultaneously support the motorcycle community and adhere to health guidelines, in particular social distance. One recent example is World Adventure Week 2021 hosted by KTM.

KTM encouraged motorcyclists to travel 1,000 kilometers in a week from July 5 to 11, 2021. Access was open to motorcyclists on vehicles of any brand, class and size, and the main condition was the use of a logbook specially designed for motorcycle travelers for route guidance. As part of the virtual event, motorcyclists from 74 countries traveled about 1.5 million kilometers, having spent more than 25,000 hours on the road, united in 735 groups, and 1,005 riders reached and surpassed the 1,000 kilometers mark.

Daily Challenges

But KTM did not set the task of simply dashing off a thousand kilometers in a week: to heighten the fun, the participants were faced with daily challenges, from the simple type of sharing their trip on social networks, to the more complex type of arrival at an altitude of 1290 meters – and in each daily challenge there is one lucky participant was awarded a valuable prize such as Shoei helmet, travel gear and luggage system.

And riders who reached the 1,000-kilometer mark in a week and completed at least four daily challenges were eligible for the main prize – KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 2021. This year, the main prize went to a Norwegian named Glenn V.

The honor roll contains records of 4000-5000 kilometers per week – quite impressive distances in such a short time. In a word, the first experience of virtual joint rides under the auspices of KTM should be recognized as successful, and it is hoped that there will be more such events with challenges, prizes, and, most importantly, interesting routes that are pleasant to talk about.

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