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Rumors of updates to the 500th inline-two Honda 2022

Judging by some unofficial data, Honda models based on the 500-in-line two will receive an update for 2022. Recently filed vehicle type approval documents in Europe state that three CB500 models – the naked CB500F, the CB500X touring bike and the CBR500R sportbike – will receive a number of technical improvements.


According to the new documents, the main components of the motorcycles will remain unchanged – the same 471 cc engine, the same 47 hp, the weight of the motorcycles has not changed either, except for the CB500X, which is almost 2 kilos heavier. Moreover, this documentation indicates the curb weight, so there is a possibility that the Honda CB500X will simply acquire a more capacious tank.


There is no direct design data in the OTTS documents, but judging by the overall dimensions, the appearance of the updated models is unlikely to change radically: the length and height of the Honda CBR500R will remain the same, however, this model will become half a centimeter wider at the widest part – in the steering wheel. The Honda CB500F will likewise become wider by 1 centimeter while keeping the rest of the dimensions the same. Honda CB500X will grow in width by half a centimeter.

Chassis and brakes

What will change in all three 2022 models is the brakes. In the current version, the Honda CB500 is equipped with a single disc front brake (310mm on the X, 320mm on the other two) with a two-piston caliper. However, in 2022, all three Honda CB500s will receive dual disc front brakes. Unfortunately, there are no details about the size of the brake discs and the design of the calipers in the OTTS documents, but the very fact of the presence of a two-disc braking system speaks of several more changes, because in the current version neither the fork nor the front wheel have mounts for the second disc brake. And if the fork changes, the rear shock will almost inevitably be improved.

In short, even if the Honda CB500 models of the coming year generally remain the same, one pleasant change is still waiting for them. We will look forward to the announcement of new products!

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