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Running gas on a motorcycle, common mistakes

There are so many subtleties in handling a motorcycle that without hiding it is possible to define a good pilot in the rank of artists along with the martial arts masters, because the level of self-control and control over the situation and the body must be high.

When working with the main control levers, they constantly pay attention to the clutch and brake, while working with gas they usually dismiss “Just don’t pull!”. This is not enough. Gas work is not limited to simply twisting the trigger. Moreover, throttle work is just as important as brake experience, because throttle can be used to control the motorcycle in addition to body work.

I don’t know how in your motorcycle schools, in mine, for example, they didn’t even mention that there are the terms “open gas” and “flat gas”. Things that many instructors prefer not to discuss, because it seems to be self-explanatory, but not for beginners.

Open gas

The moment when you unscrew the trigger, increasing the flow of the combustible mixture. It would seem easy and simple, but no.

When riding a motorcycle you are not familiar with, it is very important to understand how the gas feed behaves. The most banal example from life, when a green newbie girl got on a sport bike, and life did not prepare her for a short handle. Do I need to tell you how beautifully she flew away on the rear wheel to the first garage that came across? In fact, simply underestimating the bike’s power and responsiveness results in ridiculous crashes for newbies even before heading out into town.

You need to feel the throttle opening time and understand how much you can keep it open, because powerful motorcycles have enough gunpowder for an inexperienced pilot to get confused in a couple of extra seconds and miss the bike.

A sudden opening of the throttle loads the rear suspension, relieves the front fork. The motorcycle sags, you need to prepare for this. A beginner in such moments usually simply grabs the steering wheel, expecting a jerk, but from a sharp throw he can completely turn over.

If the motorcycle has technical malfunctions, then the instant opening of the gas will open them at a time.

Another story from life. We were brought to the workshop an ordinary ancient row of 250 cubic meters on a carburetor. The question was in the behavior of the motorcycle at higher speeds. The mechanic, without hesitation, decided to just take a ride and see what the customer had in mind about the speed problems. He drove out onto the highway, sharply turned on the gas. It turned out that the carburetor flap sticks when it is suddenly opened, remains in the upper position and does not drop at all. Ikhmo, after the jerk of the trigger, the combustible mixture continuously poured into the engine, the speed immediately increased so that it was possible to start from a place straight to the stars. If there was a novice at the wheel, he would have overturned long ago or got into an accident.

Conclusion: gas opening should be smooth. ALWAYS.

Smooth gas

Triggering when you maintain a constant speed by opening the carburetor choke / injector butterfly, adding the fuel mixture evenly.

Smooth throttle is a standard linear measure when you are in a flow / traffic state and operate the motorcycle without worrying about one of the suspensions being overloaded. You are in motion, the flight is normal, the balance is caught and kept even.

Smooth gas is not dangerous by a shift in the center of gravity, like open gas. The moment when you can just drive and enjoy the road.

On smooth throttle, the motorcycle maintains a predetermined tilt angle; on open throttle, the motorcycle aligns and tends to a vertical position.

There are many subtleties regarding working with open and even gas at the moments of turning, since bending over you can either get away from the fall, or, on the contrary, aggravate the situation. You need to understand that with an increase in speed, especially a sharp one, the motorcycle tends to level out – to stabilize. If you open the throttle while in a tight corner, you may lose control. But turning on smooth throttle gives you the advantage, as your speed is constant and the bike’s behavior is predictable.

The more power the motorcycle has, the smoother the throttle should be. Beginners really need to practice endlessly in the smooth operation of all controls of the motorcycle so that the ride is accurate and confident, and does not parody a rodeo on a wild horse.

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