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Scout 100th Anniversary – Indian launches Scout 100th Anniversary model

When we talk about Indian motorcycles, something classy and unique immediately appears, because the motorcycles of this brand are not found at every intersection. But there was a time when Indian Scout were supplied as assistance to the USSR in the Great Patriotic War.

During its difficult existence for the Indian manufacturer, the Scout model has also had its ups and downs. But let’s talk about everything in turn.

Legendary Scout

The first Scout was released back in 1919, and went on sale in 1920, so it is logical that everyone expected an anniversary model from Indian on sale in 2020. This is because the Scout really made a splash at the time and its version of the 101 Scout, produced from 1928 to 1931, is still considered the best model in Indian history.

Why is 101 Scout so unique? We all know that an experienced driver understands how the technical device of a motorcycle affects the behavior of the vehicle in different road conditions. And this is what happens when a motorcycle racer starts designing a motorcycle …

The first Scout and its next model, the 101, were designed by engineer and motorcycle racer Charles Bailey Franklin. He raced on the Isle of Man and his best result is second. However, he was a member of the team that took the entire podium in 1911.

Of course, the experience of motorcycle racing did not pass by and was reflected in the 101 Scout, new for that time. In fact, another model was being developed in parallel – 401, but it did not find such a response, although the geometry of the frame was the same for one and the other. 101, in fact, has become noticeably lighter and more maneuverable.

As a result, the 101 Scout got a squat look – a low stance and a long wheelbase. The motorcycle was powered by a 45 cubic inch (740cc) flat V-engine. Although it was possible to order another version of it with the engine from the previous model at 37 cubic inches (610cc).

The motorcycle quickly gained an audience and became the best racing bike of the time in the United States. Who’s the fastest Indian here? In different periods of the company’s development, Scout has appeared and disappeared, and then returned again.

Scout has changed over the years, but 101 is still spoken of with warmth and love.

By the way, have you noticed which bikes the riders are riding in the ICON 1000 Dos Trackers video? Luxury motorcycles Harley Sportster and Indian Scout. See for yourself – custom Indian Scout Sixty1000 tracker.

Scout 100th Anniversary Collectible Model

To celebrate the model’s centenary, Indian is offering a couple of new additions in 2020: the Scout Bobber Twenty and the collectible Scout 100th Anniversary.

When the first information about the anniversary motorcycle first appeared, skeptics immediately voiced that 100 years is too generous. What if you count all the differences when the model was produced, and then waited in the wings, then there are no continuous 100 years. Indian marks the century since the Scout was born, and in general, who is against pampering motorcyclists and collectors alike? The brand, which began producing motorcycles in 1901, has every right to honor its favorites.

The novelty constantly refers to its progenitor, but inside we see a modern standard V-twin Scout engine with a volume of 1.133 cc. cm liquid cooled. The century badge proudly flaunts between the blackened cylinders. Oh yeah, for the round date model, 100 horsepower. Nice solution.

In general, everything is beautiful here! The number of these bikes is limited and each bike is hand-painted and painted. All over the world they will be released only 750 copies.

This imposing Indian retained the Scout’s racing passion. It allows for an aggressive fit. Even the shape of the steering wheel hints at a fighting enthusiasm. The steering capabilities, responsive suspension and geometry allow you to tilt the bike to a critical point, sparks will fly a little more.

The collector’s model retains the traditionally low fit. By the way – a selfish motorcycle. The teardrop-shaped gas tank is tilted towards the saddle, which, although reminiscent of the old floating “frogs”, has a rigid mount. Seat covered in real sand-colored leather to echo the motorcycle’s gold-tone paint job.

Instead of an additional passenger seat on the motorcycle, the luggage rack stands out proudly. It is biased towards the saddle, closer to the center of gravity, in order to correctly distribute the weight on the motorcycle. Yes, you can’t take a lot on it, but this is not its main task!

The glitter of chrome parts catches the eye, and even large twin pipes. Just looking at them, you can already imagine the dull and low sound of the exhaust.

What else catches your eye? Spoke wheels with black rims and gold-plated rims paired with thick Pirelli tires round off the look.

Indian has promised to improve braking performance, and now the front brake is responsible for a 298 mm floating rotor with 2-piston calipers, and the rear one is responsible for a 298 mm floating rotor with 1-piston caliper. As a result, disc brakes will provide smooth yet effective braking.

The single chrome headlight and the compact instrument cluster stand out especially – digital tachometer, odometer, distance meter, engine temperature and low fuel level lamp.

It should be noted that even though the Scout 100th Anniversary is considered a collector’s bike, it is road-ready in the same way as many other Scout models. The manufacturer did not plan that such a curious novelty would simply take a place in someone’s collection and become a dead weight, no. Modern technologies with references to the legendary 101 Scout gave an interesting result and a claim for new success.

For 2020, Indian is offering riders a range of new accessories for the Scout, such as a stage 1 shorty slip-on muffler kit and a 2-in-1 exhaust system, quick-release fairing with windshield.

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