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Seat with climate control for motorcycles Indian

Seat with climate control for motorcycles Indian

Heated or ventilated gear is the easiest, most versatile and affordable way to improve ride comfort. It is easier to overheat or overcool on a motorcycle, and in some parts of the world you can easily do it in one day.

Temperature control system

However, the equipment has limitations. For example, a ventilated summer outfit includes elements of mesh or perforated leather and has ventilation pockets through which the incoming stream penetrates. Therefore, when you stand in a traffic jam under the scorching sun and there is no such flow, no mesh will help. And in early spring and late autumn, you can wrap your body and even your legs well, but your hands get cold instantly with the same oncoming stream. This is where you will appreciate the opportunity to equip your motorcycle with a temperature control system. Heated handles and seats are very popular accessories in motorcycle manufacturers’ catalogs, which cannot be said about cooling and ventilation systems. You have to look for such things from third-party manufacturers, and they are far from always really effective and well-made. Much to the delight of many, Indian Motorcycle has seriously considered this issue and released a climate control seat – an integrated heating and cooling system.

Climate controlled seat

Seat heating is a fairly well-known accessory, and there is probably nothing new here. But the cooling system is the most interesting and innovative part. Motorcycle seats rarely come with good ventilation from the factory, not to mention active cooling, but this is a more popular technology in the auto industry. Typically, cool air is blown through the perforated seat surface for cooling – generally effective, but not the most efficient.

Indian went further and implemented a climate controlled system that actually makes the seat feel cool to the touch. For this, a proprietary thermoelectric module is used that absorbs and dissipates heat, and graphene, a material consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a special order, is extremely durable and has good thermal conductivity, due to which both coolness and heat are distributed throughout the seat. Indian has not yet published details on how this system works (but informs that it is going to patent it) – but most likely, we are talking about Peltier elements that convert electric current into a temperature difference. When current flows, the Peltier element becomes warmer on one side and colder on the other, and this effect is used, for example, to cool water in dispensers or in electronics cooling systems. The same element can be used for both heating and cooling, depending on the polarity of the voltage applied to it.

ClimaCommand seats by Indian

The Indian climate control system has three power settings – low, medium and high – and is separately controlled for the driver’s and passenger’s seat. Indian says ClimaCommand climate controlled seats have already been shipped to dealerships and are available for the Thunderstroke series.

Indian emphasizes that the ClimaCommand controls are not currently integrated into the on-board Ride Command information system – that is, climate control on the dashboard does not have to wait yet.

It should also be assumed that the climate-controlled seat will not come cheap, and therefore unlikely to be supplied as stock on the mainstream models. However, Indian’s price has not yet been announced.

Hopefully, over time, this idea will become as widespread as the warm handles – but for now, we look forward to trying it out on Indian motorcycles.

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