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Segway Apex H2 Hybrid Electro-Hydrogen Motor

Segway Apex H2 Hybrid Electro-Hydrogen Motor

The Segway brand has been working hard to change its image in recent years.

Under the wing of its new parent company, Ninebot, the brand previously associated with self-balancing scooters has significantly expanded its product line and now produces off-road electric motorcycles and go-karts. The Segway has come a long and hard way since the first hoverboards, but the brand is far from complete and Ninebot has confirmed this with the introduction of the new Segway Apex H2 motorcycle with an incredible powertrain: a hybrid electro-hydrogen.

Segway Apex H2

Planned for 2023, the ambitious project looks more like a motorcycle from a science fiction movie than anything from modern models. Both Apex H2 wheels are suspended on single-sided swingarms, much like the Yamaha GTS 1000 and the Morpho concept. Consumers have a rather negative attitude to this design, but it is possible that Segway will have to change this.

Segway Apex H2 Engine

Along with the radical design of the pendants, Ninebot plans to equip the Apex H2 with two powertrains: an electric and a hydrogen engine. The hydrogen cylinders will be quick-changeable, but this, of course, will require infrastructure: a network of filling stations, hydrogen supplies, and so on. Considering that today there are not too many electric charging stations, two unpopular options to replenish the power reserve are more a minus than a plus. However, if the company achieves its ambitious goals and manages to establish a market for environmentally friendly fuels (and hydrogen, as you know, forms water vapor upon combustion, and no unburned hydrocarbons or CO) – this can really turn the world around. Today, an internal combustion engine running on hydrogen remains rather exotic, despite the many advantages of this option.

Segway Apex H2 Features and Price

According to Segway, the Apex H2 hybrid motorcycle will peak up to 80hp, gain 100km / h in 4 seconds, and its top speed will be 150km / h. The power reserve has not yet been announced, but it is known that the Apex H2 consumes one gram of hydrogen per kilometer. Estimated price 900’000 rubles. significantly lower than many flagship electric models.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true so far. But if Segway manages to implement the announced plans, it will really change our understanding of this brand.

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