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Self-cleaning grips and handlebars

Self-cleaning grips and handlebars

Electric bikes are not exactly the same as motorcycles. However, the latest news from the electric scooter manufacturer Wheels may be of interest to everyone involved in motorcycle culture. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, most people are extremely concerned about cleanliness and hygiene.

Surfaces that many people touch on a daily basis are some of the dirtiest things we come across. And now, more than ever, we clearly understand that dirt is not only clay or dust, but primarily infectious agents. Wheels has taken steps to address this very issue.

Self-cleaning grips and handlebars

On motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, e-bikes and other similar vehicles, the maximum number of touches is on the grips and levers on the handlebars. And what if there was some kind of technology that allows you to apply a self-cleaning film that can fight a wide range of viruses and bacteria at the microbiological level. And what if you wrap the steering wheel elements in this wonderful material? Wheels offers to rent or purchase small electric scooters with self-cleaning grips and handlebars. How is this achieved?

NanoTouch Materials Company

NanoTouch Materials is located in Forest, Virginia. Over the past few years, they have developed a range of coatings for use on commonly used surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, vending machines, self-service kiosks, plumbing fixtures and shopping basket handles. And if before the coughing or sneezing passer-by did not bother us much, then in the light of current events we have all become wiser and more careful.

NanoSeptic coatingsNanoSeptic coatings

NTM reports that their proprietary NanoSeptic coatings are constantly self-cleaning thanks to “mineral nano-crystals on which a strong oxidation reaction takes place.” Their website explains that light of any nature activates these crystals, which then oxidize “organic pollution” – such as many viruses and bacteria – without the use of aggressive chemical cleaners. The company calls this technique “technology instead of toxins”

Our products use really cool technology, ”said NTM Co-founder Dennis Hackmeier in a 2019 press release.

But we found out that people buy our products not because of how they work, but because of how their employees and customers feel using equipment protected by our products. That’s why we make our materials look bright, effective and efficient.

Of course, I would like information about the effectiveness of such coatings to come not only from their manufacturer, but also from third-party organizations. Now more than ever, we need an independent assessment of the effectiveness of such decisions – in facts, not marketing assurances.

But in any case, questions of safety when using transport need answers. Even if it is a wet wipe with an antiseptic.

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