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Semi-annual BMW Motorrad Global Sales Statistics 2021

For BMW Motorrad, 2021 started off very well. Literally better than all the previous years: sales in the first half of this year are higher than in any of the previous years.

A new record for sales of BMW motor vehicles in the first six months was 107,911 units, which is 27.2% more than were sold in the corresponding period of 2020 and 5.5% more than in the first half of 2019.

Growth trend

The upward trend in BMW sales began in the second half of 2020, when sales were growing at a rate unseen in the dock era. True, in the first quarter, sales of BMW motor vehicles slowed down somewhat in Europe, but overall the dynamics are very positive.

Sales growth compared to last year is seen in all markets, but BMW Motorrad’s position is still weak in North America, Southeast Asia and South America.

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