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Semi-Annual Honda Global Sales Statistics 2021

Honda’s global monthly sales this year turned out to be worse than in the corresponding months of the dock 2019, and the first half of 2021 ended with a loss of 15.9%. However, against the background of 2020, sales grew by 27.5%, amounting to 8.1 million units.

Difficulties in key markets

After a terrible year 2020, which will be remembered for the most powerful annual sales failure since the company was founded (5 million sales were lost), the world leader of the motorcycle industry in 2021 continues to struggle with difficulties in key markets: Indonesia, India, the Philippines, which determine the significant volume of the company’s sales. …

Each of the first six months of 2021 showed a sales level lower than the corresponding month of the dock 2019, as a result, sales dropped by 15.9% in six months compared to 2019. However, against the background of 2020, sales increased quite significantly, so Honda took the right direction. which only remains to hold.

Compared to 2019, sales increased in North America, Europe, China and Africa, while in the rest of the regions they fell seriously. A recovery to the dock level is not expected soon in Singapore (-41% from 2019), Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Nicaragua and even Ireland, Finland and the UK.

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