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Sidecar motorcycle as a way of life

Immediately I announce the continuation of the article, which will provide an overview of the structural features and behavior of motorcycles with a sidecar on the road. In this article, I would like to figure out where they came from, why they have not yet died out, and is it only our native URAL that dominates this market.

For Russia, motorcycles with a sidecar, as they were also called “sidecar”, have long been a part of culture, because everyone in the village had or has an uncle Vasya, a neighbor Kolya or a relative of Ivan, in whose shed you can find a motorcycle with a sidecar. Therefore, the attitude towards “wheelchairs” in our country is peculiar, often comic and a little skeptical. On the territory of Russia and the former USSR, when mentioning motorcycles with sidecars, the Urals, Dnepr, Izh and Java are immediately represented. Although they are far from the only representatives of this direction.

By the way, I don’t want to boast, but I had 2 “wheelchairs”: my first motorcycle Izh Jupiter-2 (then my knowledge of moto was at the zero level in any school of coordinates, and 10 years later, when Jupiter motorcycles were mentioned, until now my eye twitches nervously) and the Dnepr MT-9 of 1972, which I got at the price of scrap metal and which I still sincerely regret selling.

From the history

The motorcycle needed a trailer / sidecar quite early, because the issue of transporting additional cargo and people was acute. In addition, as you might guess, not every young lady dared to sit in the back seat of the first motorcyclists, especially if you look at the fashion of women’s clothing of those times and the level of comfort of the motorcycles themselves.

Rumor has it that back in 1893 the French had a competition for the most successful proposal for the carriage of passengers, where there was a side carriage design. Time of trial and error, when they tried to place the passenger on different sides of the driver.

In 1915, an interesting model was born from the famous Harly-Devidson, codenamed 11F, which provided for the installation of a side trailer.

Then, as now, the motorcycle did not necessarily come off the assembly line with the sidecar. Companies were actively developing that developed sidecars separately from the motorcycle with different technical ideas.

The peak of design decisions came during the Second World War, when the motorcycle began to be considered as a small combat unit. If you love history, then one can only wonder how some motorcycle models have adapted to the transition from civilian rural roads to military action. Don’t believe me? Check out the bikes that were developed during the Cold War! This is amazing! They were made with the expectation that you, as a peaceful collective farmer, would lift a tractor in tow from the swamp on this “wheelchair” from the swamp, and if something happens, you will be able to transport the wounded, and supply ammunition and a machine gun! In general, as with those cigarette factories, whose activities in the blink of an eye could be reorganized for the production of cartridges.

Motorcycles with sidecars were in active demand – a cheap alternative to cars, but as soon as cars fell in price, the demand for “sidecars” was expected to sag. However, in agriculture they still remained at their best – a small tractor, on which to haul hay and ride a family on business. In addition, it is irreplaceable assistance in the delivery of small loads, in courier work and, of course, in road patrols.


Almost every self-respecting concern has development of sidecar motorcycles. Even if they no longer release this model, it is still possible to find references to it. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, it is not necessary for a motorcycle to leave the factory with a sidecar. The 21st century is the time of any whims for the client’s money, which means that it is technically feasible to put a sidecar on almost any motorcycle. Yes, there is even a maxiscooter with a sidecar! That’s why he is a “maxi”, even though a scooter. It turns out that the appearance of a sidecar on a motorcycle is a matter of technology. So why are wheelchairs still popular?

Tribute to history

The first line is conservatives. The argument that a motorcycle with a sidecar is true labor is very common. At the same time, not everyone drives such motorcycles every day, many restore them for themselves for pleasure. But at events and the opening / closing of the season, motorcycles with a sidecar of a star of any column!


Traveling on a motorcycle with a sidecar is a pleasure, I threw all my things into the cradle and off you go. No need to twirl things on the seat and hang extra bags.

Moreover, it is not scary to take children and adolescents with you, because according to the legislation in the traffic rules we read that it is allowed to transport children in a stroller when there is a restriction on a simple motorcycle. What about when you have pets? Also in the stroller? A lot of tourists travel around the world with four-legged companions at their side – damn cute!

Increased cross-country ability

With a sidecar, the bike is much more stable. Hence the general interest in them in the winter. In winter, the wheelchairs are in the same top as the cross with enduro. Traction and carrying capacity give rise to legends about the cross-country ability of motorcycles. It is also foolish to cross out the military background that taught the designers many tricks in order to adapt motorcycles with sidecars to amazing possibilities. All these indignations about the price of motorcycles due to the fact that many do not understand the difference between an old motorcycle, which still remembers the restructuring, and a modern one, which is already a level higher in production and is appreciated in other countries.

Carrying capacity

To this day, sidecar motorcycles are replacing immortal ponies around the world, when the usual cradle is replaced with a platform for transporting goods.


Have you ever seen sidecar motorcycle racing? O! You must watch this! Moreover, it is not clear who is cooler, the driver or his partner, who provides stability on the track with his own weight? Yes, you understand correctly. In racing, the passenger prevents the motorcycle from overturning, which would surely happen if the driver was alone. Such races are especially popular in winter and off-road.


In addition to the restoration of sidecar motorcycles, there is a huge field of activity among customizers. It is difficult to find a motorcycle show, where there would not be at least one “wheelchair”. With them, you can embody any idea, while the scale is already guaranteed! By the way, the availability of old motorcycles with a sidecar gives another reason for novice mechanics.

Strong structure

It is no secret that many of our sidecar motorcycles are used as a combat unit even today, and if you look at the warmer countries with which we have partnerships, it turns out that our sidecars are there along with military equipment. And in their native spaces, motorcycles with a side trailer are still found on public roads, even if not at the security forces, but at some departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and DOSAAF.


A motorcycle with a sidecar in modern times is a conscious choice when a pilot is interested in travel or sports. In the city, they are like a curiosity and not always practical. At the same time, you can find an interesting option with a side trailer from almost any representative of the motorcycle industry.

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