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Soldier of Fortune from Icon with Battlescar 2

In the previous article, we looked at the Battlescar color scheme, which is mostly heard due to the Icon Variant Battlescar helmet, so beloved by motorcyclists for its characteristics and distinctive look.

Battlescar 2’s livery has the same military flavor, but with a distinctive camouflage pattern. Equipment with a tactical print is in great demand, because its owner hints that he is not a weakling at all, but a loyal soldier of his city.

Comfortable helmet with integrated DropShield goggles, built to all safety standards. The body is made under pressure by means of injection molded polycarbonate. It has excellent ventilation, consisting of inlet and outlet valves, which in turn are well combined with engineering solutions both in design and in the selection of materials. Did you know the helmet has an enlarged chin inlet?

Removable inner lining made of Hydradry material, which increases pilot comfort by drying relatively faster than other pads, wicking moisture away – a great bonus to functionality, which, in combination with ventilation ducts, does not cause overheating.

RST gold shield visor – wide viewing angle, what could be better?

The advantages of the helmet include a decent level of aerodynamics, favorable weight and the presence of a breath deflector.

A jacket in the usual military cut with an army bearing allows a loose fit on the motorcycle with a margin of size so that you can safely throw the jacket over other clothes. Yes, the same interesting print in camouflage tactical war paint that matches perfectly with the helmet.

First of all, we look at the materials – the jacket is made of Softshell and nylon. The polyurethane coating can withstand light precipitation in the form of rain or snow. YKK zippers. The central zipper protects against moisture ingress, which is important when riding in the rain (“How to ride a motorcycle in the rain?”). Zipped ventilation holes. The original solution is to make air exchange valves in the armpits.

Users note the Sportcuff cuffs. Pleasing with anatomical cut of the sleeves and elasticated loops for the thumbs. Capacious kangaroo pockets, hood and headphone travel – the modern needs of the urban motorcyclist find their way into the design solutions for the cut of the jacket.

What else? A quality lining and D3O protection kit at your service!

What can be added to Icon Battlescar 2?

Remember that Icon relies on active, positive and ambitious urban motorcyclists? Therefore, when choosing a Battlescar camouflage color, for completeness of the image and protection, we need to choose motorcycle pants, shoes, gloves and maybe something else …

Icon 1000 MH1000 motorcycle jeans

These are motorcycle jeans, because in urban conditions the motorcyclist not only drives the bike, but is also actively engaged in business. Why carry loads of changeable clothes for work or meetings with you when motorcycle jeans are suitable for all conditions without skimping on protection.

We have already noted that the Icon 1000 series is matched with the Battlescar colors. And here is the laconic style and durability of CORDURA materials with inserts from Kevlar with additional D3O protective elements.

Icon Anthem 2 Stealth Motorcycle Gloves

Popular multifunctional, and most importantly, comfortable gloves! Easy-to-use mesh and neoprene models with goatskin palms and seamless technology. D3O inserts to protect vulnerable parts from impact. Great urban option! By the way, since urban motorcyclists use phones a lot while standing at traffic lights, the inserts on the thumbs and forefingers allow you to work with touch screens without removing your gloves!

Icon Super Duty 5 Motorcycle Boots

The kit can be supplemented, for example, with short motoboots. Nothing prevents you from choosing a high model, just this instance is designed for the city, taking into account all the requests of pilots living in megacities.

All-round foot protection, reinforced outsole, sports insole and D3O inserts. Materials made with Tectuff technology to improve the performance and quality of the shoe. If you are afraid that the surface of the toe of the boot will suffer from the gearshift foot, then in vain. The manufacturer has made rubberized inserts so that the shoes do not deteriorate from rubbing the foot!

Icon Dreadnaught Motorcycle Backpack

The logical completion of the set will be the presence of a waterproof backpack with a special upper coating treated with polyurethane, which protects the main compartment.

The secure straps and Fidlock make it easy to use the backpack! Its maximum capacity is already 20 liters! A useful supply of space for a motorcyclist, both for work documents or a laptop, and for any other necessary things! By the way, even Icon’s backpack has D3O protective inserts!

The backpack is available in two versions, a black version and a red version. Both backpacks are a worthy solution when you need to carry anything with you.

“Backpacks and tank bags for motorcyclists”

Icon does its best to ensure that you are not just a motorcyclist, but one of the luckiest and most well-trained motorcycle owners in the city, and possibly outside the metropolis.

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