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Storing and caring for motorcycle tires

If you estimate how much motor rubber had to be put aside for an even rarer day due to the fact that it was deformed or cracked during storage, then an impressive list comes out.

I understand that not everyone keeps rubber in reserve or, on the contrary, they did not raise their hand to throw out the old rubber, they say, it will suddenly come in handy, so it collects dust on the mezzanine in the middle of rusted chains and a New Year tree since the time of the USSR.

How should motor tires be stored?

The best option is to store the rubber in an upright position. Remember, if you have been to a tire shop or in stores with tires, you have probably seen racks with an assortment. Most likely, a structure was located there, which is a regular frame, and not full-fledged shelves. This is done so that the rubber has two points of contact in the lower part and the weight of the tire is distributed more or less evenly not on one point of support, but on two. If you leave the rubber to stand in the corner, then over time it will begin to change shape, since its entire weight will press only on one spot of contact with the surface.

Therefore, if you want to store the rubber correctly, then you need to look for an opportunity to put it in a similar way. It can stand upright for about six months, then it should be turned over.

If we talk about hanging rubber, then this is not always a good solution. When a motorcycle tire is hung only over one side, as a result, they get a skewed shape with an incomprehensible stretched pattern of the side in the form of a skirt, instead of an elastic and even edging. It is reasonable to hang the rubber using ropes (or better flat belts), but throw them only over both sides. Thus, the deformation will not become asymmetrical.

Storing rubber flat, one on top of the other, is generally not worth it. I think you understand that the lowest tire will not be sweet, it will not appreciate it, and neither will you when you decide to use it later.

How to care for motor tires?

The methods of caring for motor tires include 2 main points, namely: do not violate the technical indications for use and carefully store, process the rubber during storage.

  • Observe the required tire pressure as recommended by the tire manufacturer, not the motorcycle manufacturer (as different tire manufacturers may have different tips for optimal use)
  • Do not overload the wheel with excessive weight, greater than the manufacturer advises
  • It is possible to use trolleys to reduce the load during the motorcycle standstill
  • Consider the capabilities of the wheel, correlate the nature of the ride and the direction of the tire tread
  • Observe the level of wear and possible damage
  • Treat tires before winter storage so that the rubber does not dry out and crack
  • Store rubber correctly so that it does not deform

All these simple tricks will help your tires live longer, both during storage and during use. In any case, do not neglect the advice of the manufacturer itself, because the engineers who created your rubber know better than anyone else how to extend its life. Unfortunately, motor rubber is also considered a consumable, sometimes expensive at the wrong time, therefore, in order not to start or end the season on an obsolete tire, it is worth taking time for it and taking care of its condition.

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