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Stunt riding – is it expensive?

Let’s be honest – motorcycling cannot be cheap, any professional sport requires equipment, training and competition fees. We are not going to play chess … Even if you are just considering a motorcycle to save time in the heavy traffic of the city, costs cannot be avoided.

The most widespread and widespread types of motor sports are:

  • Road circuit and endurance racing
  • Motocross and its varieties
  • Enduro racing

Younger and more spectacular:

  • Stunt riding
  • Motofreestyle
  • Speedway
  • Mototrial

In general, whatever the child does not amuse himself, as they say. Stunt riding is far from the most expensive on this list. If you’ve never dropped an RSBK bike or counted the consumables of a professional cross-country bike after hours, believe me, spending on stunt riding may not be so scary.

Stunt riding is very popular in the city. Everyone, fired up with ideas to hit motorsport, opened the cherished notebook of home accounting in order to have an idea of ​​the reality of their own plans.

I propose to consider possible options for the development of events for a beginner and the approximate amount of costs in the future, at the same time we will find out what pitfalls can be on the way to becoming a pilot of extreme driving.

Where does stunt riding begin?

It is logical that at the first stages the most difficult choice will be the apparatus on which to train. There are many options, if only because stunt riding is not only a bike converted for stunts. Nobody canceled ATVs, motards are also in demand. Someone even started with a scooter!

Naturally, beginners are eager to find a cool bike right away to enter the motorcycle culture beautifully, but is it really needed at the entry level? Many burn out after a week of falls or total repairs, give up due to difficulties. What to do with the bike if you change your mind?

What is easier to start with?

  • Motorcycle school
  • Motard
  • Small capacity motorcycles

If you are not sure of your desire to engage in stunt riding, then before buying a motorcycle for this, you can contact the motorcycle school, which has a separate special course. If the school is equipped with training equipment, then for the first time you may be given a training bike for rent, this is better than buying something horrible, and then disappointed. If there are difficulties with finances, then it’s easier to start with a motard, only then move on to something more serious. Believe me, he will teach you a lot too! Some take an old motorcycle for a start, so to speak, “for the slaughter” in order to train enough, and by the next season to find something more alive.

The investment in a motard will differ from the cost of a stanto bike based on a sports model.

By the way, many stunt riders work for a long time with the chosen motorcycle, if it is a model suitable for the level of experience. Because a training bike undergoes so many changes over time that starting from the beginning is expensive, and selling the previous one in the hope of recouping the investment is rare.


For some reason, the first thing they consider is the price of a motorcycle and its tuning, and only then, according to the leftover principle, they begin to collect equipment for delivery. But how many tricks will you learn with a broken arm / leg? Yes, in public, pilots often use only a helmet, and gloves are not always fully equipped, but this does not mean that they train without protection!

Required equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Turtle / vest + elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Motobots

Let it be not the top line at first, but good equipment, on which you should lay at least 50,000 rubles. Later, if you do not give up training, take a more advanced one. At the beginning of the journey, there is always the possibility of a motorcycle class change. What if you change your mind and find yourself in another kind of motorsport?

Tuning and improvements

As a rule, the price of spare parts and work for preparing a motorcycle for stunt riding sometimes exceeds the motorcycle itself. Even very rough for an average senior bike:

  • A set of protection, cage, stretcher, footrests will stand at least 50-60,000r + clips for about 10,000r more
  • Replacing the stars and chains will fall about 20,000r
  • The braking system can eat about 30,000 rubles out of your pocket. But the question is: how many calipers do you use? And do not forget that brake pads are also consumables that will require renewal with enviable consistency.
  • Alteration of the tank with modifications to the seat will take away within a radius of 10-15,000 rubles.

Then you need to count the development of the exhaust system here, someone is looking for ready-made options, and someone himself with his hands from his shoulders, well, or lower, digests as best he can. Let’s put the same roughly 10,000 rubles on it.

Forced cooling and revision of the oil system – buckets of salt on the wounds of all stunt riders. It is difficult to talk about the amounts, because the methods of solution are different.

And this list can be continued for a long time, relying on the desired result and the pilot’s plans.

Additional spending

Let’s say you found the strength to take a motorcycle, stuff it with the necessary modifications, bought equipment. What else will require additional cash injections?

  • Rubber – a stunt rider erases at least one front tire and 2-3 rear tires per season
  • Technical fluids – due to engine loads, the oil will have to be changed more often, as other fluids may need to be updated faster than usual
  • Bearings – don’t let the bike snap like nuts, but break them faster than simple city rides

The more consumables you have in stock, the better, because you will not waste time looking for and buying them.

Stunt riding can hit your pocketbook, but just as much as any other motor sport: gear, tuning, parts and materials. You can’t get away from this, but with competent work and a thorough search for spare parts, you can really make this lesson available to yourself.

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