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Suzuki Hayabusa 2022 – the legend is with us again

When it comes to legendary motorcycles, someone is bound to call the Suzuki Hayabusa. Indeed, who else but Hayabusa literally tore the competitors to shreds? Motorcyclists still make up legends about this Japanese peregrine falcon, which set the bar for speed of 300 km / h back in 1999.

In 2018, fans of the model were sobbing excitedly, because environmental emission standards did not allow the sale of the Suzuki Hayabusa. But early on, the envious buried the legend. They don’t die so easily! Suzuki has relaunched the beloved Hayabusa.

So what will the 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa look like?

The third generation Hayabusa is getting a huge amount of improvements. This is not just a fit for a new environmental standard, but work on handling without sacrificing power. At the same time, the exterior of the motorcycle remains recognizable. The manufacturer emphasizes that the design is all about improving aerodynamics.

Users expect a new windshield and streamlined low-mounted rear-view mirrors. The chrome moldings are striking. Their V-shape represents energy, but in fact diverts oncoming air from the driver’s feet.

The motorcycle will hit the market in three two-tone colors: black-gold, white-red, white-blue.

The passenger seat is installed higher than the driver’s seat. And all for the sake of passenger convenience and improved visibility for him. For single drivers, you can install an “egoist” seat and install plastic “tail” instead of the passenger seat.

Light weight

The twin-spar aluminum frame with redesigned suspension makes the bike lighter. The pendulum is lengthened, which has a positive effect on the weight-carrying capacity. Parts are diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). Suzuki fitted the new Hayabusa with updated seven-spoke cast aluminum wheels and Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires. And speaking of wheels, the Advanced Motion Track (MT-ABS) braking system is at the service of motorcyclists.

In order to protect the driver from wobling and other unpleasant sudden steering movements, a steering damper is attached to the frame and the lower fork bracket. By the way! The footpegs here also have damper mounts to reduce vibration.

And the engine got lighter

4-cylinder in-line DOHC 1340cc engine cm and liquid cooled during processing lightened. Each piston removed 26 grams from itself. The crankcase and crankshaft received new oil channels, which also had a positive effect on weight. Even the connecting rods and those “lost” by three grams, without losing their reliability. The manufacturer said that a new intake system has been developed, which is a Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle valve with two fuel injectors. The air for the preparation of the combustible mixture is supplied through the Suzuki Ram Air Direct (SRAD) air intakes.

The redesigned design allows the motorcycle to more efficiently cool the engine through the radiator, which has two additional electric fans. An air-cooled oil cooler is responsible for cooling the oil in the crankcase.

The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch.

Suzuki has created a special RK GB50GSVZ4 drive chain especially for its hand-held monster.

As a result, we have 188 horsepower at the output. The top speed is still limited to 299 km / h. But the bike will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds!

Exhaust is just a song

The exhaust system is symmetrical and uses an updated four-to-two-to-one-two design. In the middle pipe and inside each muffler, engineers have hidden high-precision catalysts to ensure emissions meet the requested standards.

The highlight will be the original solution. Manufacturers say that the color of the muffler bodies will change depending on the driving behavior of the owner. The appearance of its unique shade depends on how and how strongly the pipe was calcined.


Naturally, all this power must be rewarded with a “nervous system”, which includes a two-way quickshifter, cruise control, launch and lift control, cold start and idle control, as well as a number of nice little things on the dashboard.

Fuel tank for 20 liters. The curb weight of the motorcycle is 264 kg.

The cost of the updated legend is announced on the official website at $ 18,599, which is in rubles at the current exchange rate of 1,373,722 rubles.

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