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Tazzari EV acquires Italian Volt

Something interesting is being undertaken in the electric motorcycle industry in Italy. The two electric vehicle companies are joining forces to see exciting new electric motorcycle models.

Tazzari EV acquires Italian Volt

Tazzari GL Imola SPA, the parent company of the Tazzari EV brand, is renowned for the design and manufacture of electric vehicles. Their most popular model is the Tazzari Zero, an urban electric car sold in several markets around the globe.

Tazzari EV is now acquiring friendly Italian brand that also specializes in electric vehicles, Italian Volt, and plans to enter the electric motorcycle market. Italian Volt develops and builds innovative electric bikes, and the most widely heard of the company’s products is their first brainchild, Lacama, currently a prototype, but already widely known for its modular architecture, which facilitates customization. The Italian Volt even calls this model the first electric cast. Even in this render, you can see how funny the Lacama looks, and I really hope that this model will go into mass production.

What the mentioned transaction can contribute to a large extent. At the moment, Tazzari EV has already transferred the corporate assets of Italian Volt to its plant in Imola. It is here that Tazzari Zero electric cars are produced, and it is quite logical that it is advisable to start the production of a serial electric cycle at the same plant. Eric Tazzari, founder of Tazzari EV, shared his joy at the acquisition:

Through this deal, the Tazzari Group will expand its electric vehicle range, enter the two-wheeler market and offer new high-tech zero-emission products.

With regard to the Lacama project, Eric confirmed that the task of the Tazzari EV is to bring it to the final stage of development and ultimately to mass production and distribution worldwide. Tazzari EV has 15 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles, and with the acquisition of the Italian Volt, the company aims to be a pioneer in the segment of both electric vehicles and electric bikes.

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