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The fruit of the joint work of MV Agusta and Alpine

2020 is not over yet, and motorcycle manufacturers still have three weeks to roll out some surprise towards the end of this crazy year. For example, for Triumph it has long been customary to leave a couple of announcements for December. And now MV Agusta is joining the Slow Club.

New motorcycle MV Agusta and Alpine

On December 4, the Italian brand released an image of the upcoming new product developed with Société des Automobiles Alpine (SAS), better known as Alpine. So far, only one thing is clear from the image: the new motorcycle will be painted in metallic blue.

Those interested in motorsport have probably heard the name Alpine more than once. The French manufacturer, which resumed production in 2017 after a 20-plus-year hiatus, specializes in limited-edition sports and racing cars. Alpine also races Formula 1 with parent company Renault. And by the looks of it, starting in 2021, the brand will be much more popular as the iconic F1 Renault team will be renamed Alpine.

What will the fruit of the joint work of MV Agusta and Alpine look like? Given the specialization of both brands, it is very likely that it will turn out to be sporty, upscale and exclusive – for example, something like a special version of the Superveloce.

The small patch of fascia visible in the teaser appears to be similar to the Superveloce’s hood – an angular side panel in contrast to the rounded silhouette of the front fairing.

It could be a special edition in honor of the 45th anniversary of the French brand or even in honor of the upcoming rebranding of the Formula 1 team. Moreover, in addition to the new name, the cars of the F1 team will receive a new blue-white-red livery in the colors of the French flag. And although in the image we still see only blue and either silver (white?), Or even black color, red and white accents can be applied anywhere else, for example, on the wheels. Also in favor of this version is the fact that MV Agusta does not shy away from special versions in honor of significant dates and events, and generally loves limited editions.

The good news is that we will not have to wait long for the announcement of the mysterious motorcycle: the release of the joint product MV Agusta and Alpine is scheduled for December 11th.

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