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The ideal motorcycle for the city – what is it?

In big cities, people can be conditionally divided into three groups. Car enthusiasts languishing in traffic jams and grumbled not rarely obscenities in the state number to cowboys on two wheels. Motorcyclists saving time by cutting through dense traffic in the aisle. And ordinary people who are tired of buying oils, changing candles or looking for a parking place, citizens, whose slogan “the quieter you go, the further you will be” by bus or metro.

When choosing the perfect motorcycle for city riding you need to pay attention to:

  • Motorcycle class
  • Engine power
  • Controllability
  • Driving conditions

Motorcycle class

Before betting on which bike is the best within a city, it will take a minute of introspection to understand why you even need a motorcycle in the city?

If a motorcycle is needed to get from point A to point B without problems and at maximum speed in the aisle, there are plenty of workhorses for that. The technique, adapted for medium loads, is unpretentious in maintenance, but you do not need to save the world on it, but simply move around.

For some, a motorcycle is a whole lifestyle and it doesn’t matter if the choice fell on the image of a cool sports bike pilot or a true biker. The style that you want to conform to makes a person hostage to a certain framework.

To have an enduro or a tourist in the city, when your farthest arrival is the road to the grocery store through two metro stations, comes down to the futility of such a choice. Having an equipped enduro tour without going out into nature is like sleeping in a turtle, fearing to fall out of bed.

Engine power

In city traffic conditions, a strong engine is not needed. One of the reasons why there is so much negativity towards urban motorcyclists is the abuse of the capabilities of their unit. If you want to know what your brand new sports bike is capable of, there are separate areas for this, for those who like high speeds there are racing tracks and motor sports. Buying a motorcycle in order to “fry” on public roads – you endanger both yourself and complete strangers.

There is another reason people buy bikes that are too powerful for their experience. When an adult finally gets the opportunity to fulfill his dream, it sometimes seems to him that an evil engine can make up for lost time. They say I’m an inexperienced rider, but no longer a teenager, to start with 250 or 400 cubes, let’s go just a liter, and then I’ll figure it out! It doesn’t matter that I do not know how to switch speeds quickly and stall at traffic lights, it’s not scary that my liter motor at every start gets to the back, and I almost fall off of it from fear, every race I idle with a pack of Validol and wash it down with chamomile tea, the main thing what I could do – bought a motorcycle and in front of the neighbors is not ashamed! Bad approach. Who cares who thinks what? Buying a motorcycle according to the level of experience, you will not spoil your experience, you will learn to ride and will not kill anyone. A powerful motorcycle can be taken when the real experience appears. For some, though, style is more valuable than money.

I do not argue that it is useful to have a power gap in case it is necessary to turn on the gas in order to avoid troubles such as a wobling or a “Zaporozhets” rebuilding right into you, whose driver does not look directly into the mirrors, is useful. But taking a motorcycle with an engine that far exceeds your experience and needs is simply not logical.


The ideal city bike must handle amazingly. It is from these considerations that such a technique has a modest fork reach. Riding in traffic, through inter-row traffic jams and in parking lots requires not only stable lows, but also a responsive suspension.

By the way, the low center of gravity adds to the ease of use.

Driving conditions

Choosing a motorcycle that will be enjoyable while riding, it is worth making a discount on the city itself. The quality of the roads influences the choice. What is the point of buying a sports bike when in your city there are three asphalted streets with a cross, and the rest resemble the surface of Mars?

The ideal bike is the right combination of weight, power and handling for your goals, experience and body size.

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