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The real Scrambler is relaxation, not competition

Scrambler – a scrambler – a type of motorcycle of a wide profile, it is also in some interpretations listed as a dual-use motorcycle, in others – a multi-purpose motorcycle.

The meaning is still the same: a universal bike for the city and moderate off-road.

– What about enduro or touring models? – you ask. Let’s understand the points.

Where did the Scrambler come from?

If you dig far back into history, in that golden time of unplowed ideas, where any little thing could completely turn the idea of ​​motorcycle culture or the nature of motorcycle riding, a competitor appeared for sports road-circuit races. There will always be off-road enthusiasts.

Some references go back to the beginning of the 40-50s, when the craftsmen themselves assembled the most convenient off-road bikes from road models. Other sources already clearly speak of an explosion of interest among motorcycle enthusiasts at the peak of the 60s and 70s, when off-road racing began to gather an audience no less than highway-ring. Then the stratification into sporty-looking motorcycles began, exclusively for the track – experiments on cross-country models and the formation of a full-fledged enduro. Fans and amateurs began to sprout from the athletes, but only on the civilian track.

This is where the first pitfall lies! A huge number of people do not distinguish between “cafe raisers” and “scramblers” in view of their visual similarity, but their differences are easy to identify by purpose.

The cafe racer was created by fans of road racing, which means that his goal is speed on the road, without enchanting off-road adventures.

In modern times, professional enduros have come to the fore, there are so many proposals for them that you get confused to choose. And then for the townspeople who equally wanted to travel on public roads with excursions out of town in little-traveled trails, the homemade Scrambler was the perfect option! In those days, a real enduro reigned only on sports tracks, the civilian population had civilian road workers, who were going to be converted into a dual-purpose bike.

Features of the Scrambler motorcycle

The first visual differences of the Scrambler will be in the rubber and, oddly enough, in the front wheel fender, as well as in the high-positioned exhaust pipes. But here, in order.

Engine and transmission

Since the motorcycle claims the title without five minutes of an all-terrain vehicle, it is logical that its engine should be closer to modern enduros, which means that it should not die at the first stuck in mud or sand from overheating. The Scrambler has good traction at low revs and is bound to pull you like a little pony in case the road is no longer the Autobahn.

By the structure of the engine in modern times, you can find almost any option, mainly 4-stroke models, both single-cylinder and opposed, even V and L shaped.

The transmission is chain. This is done for reasons of lightweight motorcycle weight, rear axle mobility and easy chain replacement if necessary.

Wheels, tires, suspension

The front wheel on Scrambler type bikes is usually larger than the rear wheel, although this is not always the case. The wheels at the original source must be spoked. Retro style fighters will tell you “no major cast discs, just spoked ones – classic, level, style.” However, if you look at the production models, then cast ones inevitably appear on the scene. This also has its own explanation. I’ll tell you about it in the review of modern bikes.

Rubber is versatile and evil. The lugs, the tread pattern, should be such that you would be equally confident on the asphalt and off-road, in fact, you need to choose the middle ground between city and off-road tires, with publicity on the way of life.

The suspension allows sharp, sometimes even hard transitions from a good road surface to its complete absence, however, it is not designed for serious jumps. The Scrambler is usually a tall bike.

Exhaust system

The peculiarity of the motorcycle is the high position of the exhaust system. In order not to cling to obstacles in the way of the muffler, traditionally the exhaust system rises as high as possible. The most common location is at the knee level of the pilot, naturally with thermal insulation of the pipes so as not to burn.

Frame, seat and ergonomics

Since motorcycles were originally converted from simple road bikes, the frame was not invented here as something new. Unless, over time, they began to focus on frequent falls, which took away a few points from maneuverability. Overall, the Scrambler feels like a flat and chunky bike. But the more it moves into the urban motorcycle segment, the more that trend turns towards agile streets.

The seat is narrow, short, you won’t fall apart on it in a royal fit. The second number to go – not enough space. By the way, according to the retro style, the seat “egoist” dominates, but in modern times they also put seats for the “two”. The landing is classic, sometimes it turns into a kind of sports one.

Ergonomics, in addition to landing, should include the steering wheel. It is wide for better stability in handling with the expectation of road surface transitions, depending on the situation.

Fenders, windscreens and more

The Classic Scrambler has a front fender that prevents sand and dirt from accumulating, which is why many models have a very high front fender. But again, in the spirit of urbanization, the front wing often returns to its legal position so as not to splash the pilot while eating in the rain in the city.

There is no windscreen, nor are the fairings. If you are offered a Scrambler in plastic, then this is a reason to think, and are they telling you fairy tales? Because neither one nor the other is installed on the classic options. Although when ordering for a modern model, suppliers sometimes offer a windshield.

Since the motorcycle is dual-use, it must have all the attributes of urban transport, for which you will not be fined, namely a headlight with turn signals, a brake light, a frame under a license plate and mirrors.

Retro lovers put a protective mesh on the headlight, and all in order to protect the glass from the ingress of branches or other objects when driving over rough terrain. Yes, that’s where the fans came from to take black electrical tape and stick it over the headlight with a cross!

The modern Scrambler – what is it?

Scrambler is a hooligan style of a motorcyclist who cuts off an inattentive motorist today, and five minutes later runs away from him through a forest and a cornfield, and tomorrow goes with a friend to the beach, not caring about the sand under the wheels.

The giants of the motorcycle world were the first to pick up the idea of ​​the Scrambler at the start, and when a wave of love for retro and customization surged, retro styling began to appear more often in mass production, as well as versions of the Scrambler with the Street prefix.

Scrambler for the city focuses on the memory of the very first home-made designs that were not for competition, but for the search for adventure. However, as we noted earlier, now the production models have alloy wheels instead of special ones. The front fender is increasingly lowered back, because the owner does not so often knead dirt off-road and the wing, albeit small, should fulfill its original function.

Urbanization has even made it to the steering wheel because some models are considering fitting clips!

“Clip-ons on a motorcycle, when are they needed?”

And the last thing that is read by modern models is rubber, which is, of course, closer to urban than off-road.

Which of the famous models can be selected for viewing if you want to get into the camp of motorcycle lovers like Scrambler:

  • Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled
  • Triumph street scrambler
  • BMW R nineT Scrambler
  • Yamaha SCR950
  • Herald Rambler 250
  • BMW R nineT Urban G / S
  • Honda CBSix50

Actually, the modern Scrambler is urbanized, although it carries a love of freedom and ingenious ideas of engineering thought with the development of the latest technology. Today it is more of an image and style, an interesting urban option, for connoisseurs of history who want to stand out from others, as well as ride for their own pleasure!

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