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The rise of Gogoro. 200 million exchanges and 400 thousand subscriptions

In early summer, Gogoro announced a worldwide expansion. Well, I mean, it announced plans to continue expanding its ecosystem outside of Taiwan – including a network of charging stations for battery swapping. At the same time, they formed a partnership with the industrial giant Foxconn. Since 2011, Gogoro has been introducing electric vehicles in Taiwan, and a lot of work has been done in these 10 years.

Battery swaps reached 200 million

How big is it? As of August 3, 2021, the Gogoro network reached 400,000 subscribers for the battery exchange service. These subscribers, of course, did not sit and pay in vain, but used the purchased service, and by the time the number of subscribers reached 400 thousand, the number of battery exchanges as such reached 200 million!

Gogoro is not the only electric scooter manufacturer in Taiwan, but it is currently the largest. Now, according to the manufacturer, their products account for 97 percent of the island’s electric scooter sales.

The massive leap in Gogoro subscriptions and total battery swaps, together with the ever-expanding roster of our vehicle manufacturing partners, are compelling indicators of our global leadership in battery swaps and smart transportation services, ”said Gogoro Founder and CEO Horace Luc.

We are proud of today’s success and the progress we have made with our customers in saving more than 300 million kilograms of CO2. With our leap forward and recent strategic announcements in India and China, we can assume that we are just getting started, ”continued Luke.

In April 2021, Gogoro announced a partnership with Hero MotoCorp to exchange batteries and e-scooters in the Indian market. Hero MotoCorp is by far the largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and has a worldwide sales network that includes more and more countries.

When Gogoro and Hero announced their partnership agreement, it became clear that Hero’s dealer network could be of assistance to Gogoro in expanding its global presence. Well, if Gogoro can scale its experience in the home market and set up a network of charging stations around the world, everyone will benefit.

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