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The Scrambler is the top production bike on the market today

The Scrambler is the sweet spot between a city bike and a dirt and country bike. Once an ordinary road builder, turned by amateurs into a motorcycle, which with the same success can briskly wag on different quality of the road surface. The Scrambler was once the brainchild of hobbyists, but now manufacturers are making production models so you and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel on our own.

Consider what modern bikes the motorcycle industry market offers today. Let’s take a look at fresh interesting models.

BMW R nineT Scrambler

Classic and minimalism, this is how this bike can be characterized. Users will be greeted by a welcoming and docile 1200cc, air / oil-cooled, four-stroke, two-cylinder boxer engine that produces 110 horsepower. Maximum torque -116 Nm @ 6000 rpm. The maximum speed is declared by the manufacturer to be over 200 km / h.

Consumption per 100 kilometers at a constant speed of about 90 km / h is 4.5 liters, and if you unscrew the trigger for 100 km / h, then the consumption will increase to 5.8 liters.

A six-speed gearbox with constant mesh helical gears is responsible for shifting.

The characteristic high-positioned twin muffler features a 3-way closed-loop catalytic converter complying with the EU-4 emission standard. The sum is a loud peculiar “voice”.

As for the structure, the frame is three-section – one front section and two rear sections. It is curious that you can create an “egoist” out of a two-seater motorcycle by simple manipulations.

The suspension is a 43 mm telescopic fork, while the rear is a cast aluminum single-sided swingarm with BMW Motorrad Paralever suspension and an adjustable shock absorber.

Tubeless wheels, cast aluminum alloy wheels. The front wheel has a double disc brake, floating brake discs with a diameter of 320 mm, four-piston calipers. At the rear – one disc with a diameter of 265 mm, a two-piston floating caliper. Don’t forget to add BMW Motorrad ABS.

The volume of the tank is 17 liters, together with a reserve of 3.5 liters. A fully equipped motorcycle weighs 220 kilograms. Moreover, the maximum permissible weight is 430 kilograms.

Personally, this model appeals to me. But I can not disagree with the opinion of some users who are worried that the boxer engine open to all the winds when driving on narrow and not always flat roads can pick up all sorts of things “belly”. Still, real scramblers make them light, small and … flat.

The price for the new BMW R nineT Scrambler starts at 1,063,000 rubles.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 family

Let’s not go far, by the way, about engine protection and the ability to collect road adversities with the “belly” – the engineers of the Triumph Scrambler 1200 thought about it, the engine protection from below is visible to the naked eye.

The production line of the family includes the Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE. Let me remind you that it is from the Triumph Scrambler that the very agent 007 motorcycle is made, which can also be bought from the manufacturer.

The XC is characterized as a true Scrambler in the urban version. But XE is a true dual-use bully. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Engine 1200cc 2-cylinder in-line, water-cooled. Delivers 90 horsepower. Slipping clutch of centrifugal type, multi-plate in an oil bath. The gearbox is six-speed.

As a scrambler should be, the mufflers are high. Here it is a two-in-two stainless steel system.

Steel tubular frame. Double-sided aluminum swingarm with adjustable Ohlins dampers. Showa front fork, inverted, fully adjustable, 47mm. The wheels are tubeless spoked.

For the front brake, there are two Brembo floating discs with a diameter of 320 mm, 4-piston Brembo M50 monobloc calipers, ABS. Rear wheel has one 255 mm disc, 2-piston Brembo caliper, ABS.

Tank capacity – 16 liters. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 207 kilograms. The run-up of prices for a million rubles, judge for yourself by the screen from the official website.

Large Ducati Scrambler family

Italians always have something to offer. The manufacturer has quite a few options in the family, and we’ll take a closer look at the brand new Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO.

The Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO engine is a 1079cc air / oil-cooled twin valve L-twin engine complying with Euro 5 standards. Produces 85 horsepower.

Engine features include lightweight crankcases, machined aluminum clutch covers and alternator covers. The two strap covers are also made of aluminum.

Exhaust system 2-1-2 with catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes goes to one side. Under the seat is a double stainless steel muffler with aluminum and end caps.

The motorcycle is built on a tubular steel trellis frame. The wide handlebar, combined with the original swingarm on the rear wheel, which makes this bike recognizable, allows the owner to maneuver with ease.

The Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO is equipped with a Brembo ABS braking system. Responsible for the front brake is a dual disc 320 mm in diameter, which is mounted on two monobloc four-piston Brembo M 4.32 B calipers with radial connection. On the rear wheel we see a 245mm disc, which is powered by a 34mm single-piston caliper.

The bike spends an average of 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen

When it comes to off-roading and hooliganism, at least one “husky” must appear somewhere! Even if it is small, inside there is only a single-cylinder 375 cubic centimeters engine with a capacity of 44 hp. Six-speed gearbox with up and down shifting capability without depressing the clutch. Little urban “bad guy”.

The secret of the extra lightweight frame lies in the fact that it is made of high-strength steel using hydroformed tubes and robotic welding. The subframe is 40mm longer. Add in the WP APEX adjustable suspension – a telescopic inverted fork and swingarm – for a manoeuvrable Scrambler driven by a high cross bar.

The lightweight and narrow bike is equipped with ByBre hydraulic braking system – disc brakes front and rear. There is a dual-circuit ABS system. The wheels are spoked as a tribute to the motorcycles of the past.

The weight of this baby is only 152 kilograms, and the tank is 9.5 liters altogether.

By the way, the cost in comparison with the rest of the participants in the collection is the most affordable – 512,000 rubles. But the volume of the engine is much more modest.

Indian FTR 1200

Calling it a real scrambler can be a stretch, but, nevertheless, it feels good both in the city and outside the city. The Indian FTR 1200 has a sporty sibling, the S.

Talk about the standard Indian FTR 1200, which features a new birdcage tubular frame, an inverted fork and an asymmetrically mounted monoshock. As a result, engineers were able to reduce the wheelbase as much as possible. The under-seat fuel tank maintains a low center of gravity.

The newly developed 1203cc V-twin engine develops 120 horsepower. The exhaust system goes to one side in a 2-1-2 manner. Gas tank with a volume of 12.9 liters.

Braking is provided by radially mounted Brembo monobloc calipers. Interestingly, the Dunlop® DT3-R Radial tires are specially designed for this bike.

The dry weight of the bike reaches 221 kilograms, the maximum curb weight is 430 kilograms.

The starting price of this motorcycle starts at 1,359,000 rubles.

Yamaha SCR950

As the manufacturer says: “Born to look for new ways.” In my opinion, it is rather small, because the scrambler should be an all-terrain vehicle … In general, the engine here is V-shaped, air-cooled, 942cc.

The average fuel consumption is 5 liters per 100 kilometers. The gas tank is 13 liters. The curb weight is 252 kilograms.

As a tribute to the history, aluminum spoked wheels are used with an increased diameter, a thin flat seat and a wide steering wheel with a cross-brace typical of a scrambler. The design of the motorcycle resembles in every detail the models of the 60s. For example, metal fenders, optics, a speedometer and a flat gas tank. The front fork is telescopic. A swingarm with two shock absorbers goes to the rear wheel.

For lovers of retro style – a godsend, as if he jumped off the pages of old magazines!

The bike also features ultra-durable Bridgestone tires designed specifically for this model.

The cost of such a “bandit” ranges from $ 9147, which is about 713,140.37 rubles for our “wooden” ones at the current exchange rate.


Other industry representatives can be added to this already long list: Moto Guzzi V7 STORNELLO Scrambler, NORTON ATLAS RANGER … And if you look at motorcycles with a smaller engine capacity, yes in the secondary market, then go on and on. Such a wide selection and the irrepressible interest of manufacturers in Scrambler motorcycles proves that there is a demand for them .. which means that new offers will also come!

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