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The story of one fall: how the Icon Airflite Rubatone helmet and Icon Timax gloves saved a motorcyclist

When I first saw this helmet after the fall, the first thought was: “Come on ?!”. Scratches all over the hull vividly demonstrated the effects of the baptism of fire. The shabby visor advertises from what trouble he saved the face of its owner.

About how the helmet worked during the accident, we were told by its owner – Anton.

Anton rode his Yamaha XVS1100 Drag Star motorcycle at a cruising speed of about 100 km / h. And then, as usually happens – the trouble crept up unnoticed …

– Due to fatigue, I clicked a small stone on the road, – the biker recalls. – I pulled over to the side of the road at high speed and, due to braking, seems to have caught a highside. I don’t remember the fall at all. Just a second. Clap – the earth spins before your eyes! I flew out and somersaulted – I am separate, the motorcycle is separate! I am glad that the bike did not catch up with me in this fall …

Anton bought a helmet last winter and a motorcycle in spring. He liked the Icon Airflite Rubatone helmet externally, and the reviews were good.

– Everyone liked the helmet, except that at that time there was no pinlock in stock. At first I thought to take something cheaper, but one good man said: “If you like it, take it, otherwise you will regret it later.”

Anton showed the bike after the fall. The bike tumbled along the side of the road and fell upside down at least once. The owner indicates that the windshield is made of polycarbonate, like the visor of the helmet, with a difference in thickness.

– It is very difficult to break such a visor. In the fall, the headlight and metal mounts were cut off by the motorcycle, and the windshield was intact.

In the photo: the trail of a blow from the rear wing and the remnants of a brake light.

The Icon Airflite Rubatone helmet features a durable molded polycarbonate shell with an energy-absorbing EPS insert and 4 vents connected by deep channels in the helmet lining. Model with integrated sunglasses. The helmet is certified by DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe) and PSC (Japan) safety standards.

– As a result, the helmet worked perfectly, the head did not suffer from the word “at all”. Now I took the same one for replacement, the crash test passed, so to speak! – says the owner of the helmet.

Anton also had Icon Timax gloves. The short model from the legendary series is easily recognizable by its floating titanium knuckles. Anton was planning to buy gloves, but he chose the model only in the room when he came to get his helmet.

– I saw the gloves in the store, I liked them, – Anton explains his choice.

As you know, during a fall, a motorcyclist instinctively rests and brakes with his hands. This accident happened with lightning speed, but the time in the slide was short. After the accident, the gloves only rubbed metal and leather in places. Hands, fingers are intact.

– Gloves in general will still serve me. I skidded along the side of the road, though with pebbles, but I was lucky that it was not on the asphalt! For such a fall, I think I got off lightly – a bruise of the chest, damage to the muscles of the shoulder, – says Anton.

This fall Anton found a good craftsman who helped restore the motorcycle.

– There are a couple of little things left – a visor and a wardrobe trunk are not enough. By the way, the engine was protected too, – adds the biker.

Thus, in the new season Anton will travel on a restored motorcycle, in a new helmet – copies of the previous one. Let’s wish him good luck and smooth roads!

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