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There is a video of the Honda CBR600RR, which will be updated in 2021 for the last time

Rumors about updating the “six hundred” from Honda have been chattering for a long time. In the meantime, everyone is wondering what it will be, a video appeared on the Web on which you can see the bike a little closer. The debutant is expected this year at Sportsland Sugo in Japan.

The description of the new video states:

“The machine and the human body can become one.
When everything is under control, the victory will be yours.
Light the fire inside that fuels the racing spirit.
Then you’re ready to start. “

All details about this motorcycle will be announced later. In the meantime, “the earth is full of rumors,” we decided to collect the latest news that surrounds this novelty.

Sources say the model will feature CBR1000RR-R styling and a focus on electronics. At the same time, Cucle World writes that the 2021 motorcycle will be partially updated, and not rebuilt from scratch.

The announcement that this is an extreme model update stems from the difficulty of creating economically viable 600cc four-cylinder engines that meet stricter emission limits. In other words, the manufacturer will have to spend a disproportionately impressive amount to adjust to new environmental standards in order to further develop the CBR600RR and return to the European market.

Recall that since the introduction of the Euro4 environmental regulation, which became mandatory for manufacturers in the EU, the legendary CBR600RR lost its competitiveness back in 2017. Thus, from 2018, CBR600RR motorcycles could only be assembled by special order, and then only for the national FIM championships or for the teams participating in the World Supersport.

By updates

The frame and rear suspension will be carried over to the 2021 model to keep the exhaust system protruding from under the seat. But the appearance of the CBR600RR fairing will change for improved aerodynamics, providing downforce and redistribution of oncoming air flow.

The new items promise reduced headlights on the sides of the inertial boost intake located in the center.

The highlight that will take the bike to a level higher than its predecessor will be the electronics package. The engine produces approximately 115 hp, which will be monitored by an inertial metering unit. Through it, traction control and ABS with tilt tracking will be implemented.

Honda CBR600RR and Suzuki GSX-R600 were left out of the European market due to the environmental requirements of Euro4, and now Euro5. Therefore, many believe that the 2021 Honda CBR600RR will be the final update in the series of the legendary model, yielding the palm among the 600s to other manufacturers.

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