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Thermal underwear – how to wear and wash it correctly?

If you still do not have thermal underwear, then it’s in vain! It really helps both in motorcycle life and in the fresh off-season when you rush about your business through the city streets. And for the most restless in winter, knee-deep in snow, thermal underwear helps you out, warming you in the piercing wind of sub-zero temperatures.

How to wear thermal underwear correctly?

Believe it or not, I have met people on trips who wore thermal underwear over a casual T-shirt. They wondered why it didn’t work? Really.

Thermal underwear can be considered a very personal piece of equipment, because only underwear is closer to the body.

Thermal underwear is worn over the naked body to directly retain heat from the skin. If thermal underwear is not enough for you, then you calmly throw on an additional T-shirt / sweatshirt / jacket and go on business in complete comfort. Do not wear thermal underwear over other clothing, it is not practical and ineffective.

By the way, when you freeze in thermal underwear under your jacket, you may be blown too much by the wind. Notice how good the protection of your outerwear is? When the wind doesn’t take away your warmth, you will notice thermal underwear working.

In the off-season and bad weather, a raincoat helps a lot. It’s not even about protection from moisture, but about its resistance to the oncoming wind. If you freeze in bad weather from the wind, take out a raincoat. The effect will be gorgeous.

How to properly care for thermal underwear?

If you still do not feel the work of thermal underwear, then either it has outlived its usefulness, or it is of poor quality, or you looked after it so that it decided not to be friends with you anymore. How much equipment perishes in the prime of life from persistent efforts to wash it to a shine with powders and dry it as soon as possible on batteries. It’s just darkness!

Thermal underwear, like a rashguard among athletes, is capricious for washing and drying. Manufacturers specifically for us indicate washing recommendations on each product. They do this not out of boredom, but with the naive hope that users will extend the life of the product and will not be disappointed in it, because if they are washed and dried incorrectly, membrane fabrics, first of all, stop breathing normally. The pores of thermal underwear are clogged, especially synthetics are offended by washing. As a result, spoiled thermal underwear ceases to accumulate heat at all and turns into ordinary clothes. And if you dried it at random, then it can also be shapeless clothes.

So how should you wash your thermal underwear?

  1. With your hands. I am not kidding! The most gentle wash – hand.
  2. If you are too lazy to wash with your hands, then in the washing machine set the mode of “delicate fabrics” or “sparing mode”.
  3. The water temperature is no more than 30-40 degrees!
  4. Chlorine-free detergents and the softer the better.
  5. Liquid detergents are more effective in this case.
  6. If your thermal underwear has extra lining, wash it inside out.
  7. Rinse with detergent. Many, many, many times. If the detergent stays in the pores of the fabric, it will clog them when drying.
  8. Spin without twisting. Turn off the spin function in machine wash.
  9. What you could not squeeze out with your hands, let it drain on its own.

How to properly dry thermal underwear after washing?

Properly washing thermal underwear is half the battle. You still need to dry it.

  1. Drying ideally outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Do not try to dry your thermal underwear on batteries or a heater!
  3. Keep it away from artificial heat sources.
  4. It is advisable to dry away from direct sunlight.

Avoid deformation of the thermal underwear during the drying process. Mistakes in caring for it lead to the need to buy a new one. By the way, if you wash cooling thermal underwear (more about it in the article “Cooling thermal underwear is interesting”), then the above rules are also true for it!

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