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Three Tips for City Biker Survival

There are so many rules and subtleties for driving a motorcycle that sometimes you get tired of listing them. In addition to the well-known traffic rules, I want to share everyday observations, which are rarely spoken about.

Hint one:

The road markings are very slippery, especially after rain.

We often talk about wheel-to-asphalt traction, but we forget that traction on road markings is the same as driving on ice. Seriously, the lane surface, especially the directional arrows, is different from the rest of the asphalt.

The main problem with driving on the markings is braking. When you have to urgently or sharply brake, but run into a lane, one of the wheels loses traction and as a result you can lose your balance, especially when cornering.

Let’s say you are turning at an intersection, but the situation requires braking. You squeeze the front brake, the wheel runs out onto the lane and …. slips in braking! You got scared, let go of the lever and the front wheel spun again, but you have already applied the rear brake in your last resort. And by this moment the rear wheel has already hit the markings, and you are still struggling with the drift of the front tire and all this in the process of braking and an emergency on the road of the intersection!

Danger of leaving the markings:

  • Different grip on the general road surface
  • Danger of braking on the markings
  • Front and rear wheel slip sequence
  • Risk of wheel drift when leaning the motorcycle

Hint two:

Exits from courtyards are worse than intersections.

We are loaded with information about behavior at intersections, they say there are so many road users, what if someone does not give up or decides to slip through? But at the intersection you at least assess the traffic situation more or less, most of the drivers even notice your presence.

At the exit of the courtyards, no one sees you and does not want to see you! If you are driving in traffic, then it is impossible to notice the danger popping up at full steam of a tired engine. The speed of the motorcycle and the size of the bike are so small that any motorist, starting from the courtyards, simply does not expect anyone less than a truck. Hence such an unearthly surprise when a motorcycle arrives at the door at the exit from the yard.

For you, as a pilot, exits from the courtyards are generally like a hole in Narnia – you never know what will fly out.

Hint three:

Moving your gaze when driving at night saves you from being blinded by the headlights of oncoming traffic.

Riding at night is as fun as it is dangerous. Do I need to be reminded to reset the darkened visor to the regular one? Just in case, let me remind you – when you leave for the city at night, the visor of the helmet must be transparent. In a dark visor, you are not afraid of the glare from the headlights of other vehicles, but at the same time, you will no longer see anything but cheerful lights from the lanterns and headlights.

So, here you are rushing in the city, enjoying the view, when suddenly you drive into a dark area. A car is going to meet you. If he blinds you, then you will lose control, which is tantamount to falling.

Closing your eyes is a very bad idea. But turning your eyes to the road markings on your right side will not be a bad way out of the situation. With a second look at the markup, you will not be blinded as much as you could and you will not lose the direction vector. The main thing is not to concentrate on one point.

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