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Three trademarks announced by BMW to the EU Agency


In the auto industry, the BMW division is widely known under the short name M. Ask any fan of cars with a propeller in the logo which model they have favorite – and the answer will start with the letter M. In the case of motorcycles, the company has a line S, which includes the most advanced sports models, but according to recent reports, this may change.

When you hear the names BMW S1000RR or S1000XR, you immediately think that S means “sport” In fact, if you go into details, it turns out that the letter series BMW means the type of engine, not the class of the motorcycle, and specifically the S-series models are based on inline-fours.

A couple of years ago BMW tried to release the HP4 Race, a race-ready version of the S1000RR. The model turned out to be interesting, but it completely failed in sales – and BMW had to rethink the marketing strategy for its track projectile.

BMW M1000RR, M1300GS and M1000XR

It seems a solution to this problem could come from the company’s automotive lineup. BMW’s three trademarks announced to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in 2019 likely imply that M will also be involved in motorcycles. In fact, the company has reserved the names M1000RR, M1300GS and M1000XR for future models.

It will be interesting to find out whether BMW will replace the S1000RR and XR with the M1000RR and XR in its lineup – or whether the M series will become a semblance of the HP4 Race, that is, a limited and high-performance track version. In any case, this is exactly the case with cars (M3 for BMW 3-Series, M4 for 4th, and so on)


And the M1300GS sounds really interesting – since there is not a single 1300GS motorcycle in the BMW lineup at the moment. (and there are not even engines with such a cubic capacity and configuration). Some sources claim that this will be a new version of the R1250GS with an updated engine. This is probably the most reasonable hypothesis given the consistency of the Germans.

At this stage, it is difficult to say with certainty that BMW will follow this plan. Perhaps these trademarks were reserved simply out of foresight, and will not be used in the near future, or they are intended to release concepts that are not certain to see the light of day in the series. But anyway, damn curious what the M1300GS will look like!

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