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Top e-bikes on the market today

Progress is not long in coming. As much as conservatives oppose e-bikes, there are more and more of them on the market. The moment will come when the motorcycles we are used to will remain in the past, whether we like it or not.

Famous motorcycle manufacturers are already catching up with young and daring companies looking to grab their piece of the pie. And they succeeded in their business – they brought new curious motorcycles to the market.

Just let’s immediately agree on the shore that in this selection there are not those manufacturers who began to change shoes from gasoline motorcycles to electric bikes .. otherwise, I know you, it will start:

– Where’s Harley-Davidson LiveWire ?!

This is a selection of manufacturers that only deal with e-bikes and are relatively young in the motor market.

2020 zero SR / F and SR / S

Zero Motorcycles Inc. is a private American company founded by Neil Saiki, a former NASA engineer in Santa Cruz. This company currently has the most interesting models – SR / F and its practical copy, but with sporty SR / S manners.

It should be noted that the models are supplied in two types – standard and premium each.

Power bikes in a radius of 110 horsepower at 5000 rpm. The maximum speed is almost 200 kilometers per hour.

I don’t know about you, but what worries me most about e-bikes is charging, because it’s not everywhere in Russia that you can still find an opportunity to recharge. As for the 2020 zero SR / F and SR / S, the charging time at normal speed is 4.5 hours for the standard version and 2.5 hours for the premium version. If you install a 6 kW quick charge “lotion” on the bike, it increases the speed to 1.8 hours for the standard and 1.5 hours for the premium class.

Curb weight for the SR / F is 219.9 kilograms for the standard version and 225.8 kilograms for the premium, while the SR / S is 229 kilograms for the standard and 234 kilograms for the premium.

The question is mercantile – SR / S costs 19,995 dollars per standard, that’s 1,461,084.64 rubles at the current exchange rate! And the premium will cost even more – $ 21,995 – 1,607,229.64 rubles.

And the SR / F model costs $ 19,495 per standard, that’s 1,424,548.39 rubles. The premium costs $ 21,495, which is at the rate of 1,570,693.39 rubles.

What can I say … a motorcycle from a NASA engineer can hardly be cheap. Spacecraft cost money. Big ones.

2020 Energica Ego and Ego +

The Ego and Ego + 2020 versions of Energica’s racing e-bikes are marketed by the Italian manufacturer as high-performance e-bikes. Their power is 107 kW – this is 145 horsepower, and the torque is 215 Nm.

The maximum speed of the motorcycle is 240 kilometers per hour.

I like that the manufacturer gives the maximum amount of information about their models, except that they don’t lay out the schemes! For example, the official website reports that the improved Energica Ego + has an updated and larger 21.5 kW lithium-ion battery.

Thus, the manufacturer has calculated that the Energica Ego + has 62% more capacity than competitors.

By the way, although the bike is considered a sport bike, it feels very good on the streets of megalopolises. Moreover, in cities with a population of one million it is easy to adhere to special stations for recharging, which cannot be done in modest cities.

The capabilities of a motorcycle are calculated by the nature of the ride, almost like an hour for cross or enduro.

“How about a motor hour?”

The Energica Ego + has a range of 400 km for urban light driving, 230 km for combined driving and 180 km for motorways and long open roads.

And what about the charge? DC Fast Charge 4 should provide 80 percent full charge in 40 minutes.

In general, this is a beautiful and decent motorcycle among e-bikes. True … the price for it is no less beautiful Energica Ego costs 19,540 dollars – 1,427,836.65 rubles, and Energica Ego + will cost 23,870 dollars – 1,744,240.58 rubles.

Energica eva ribelle

Yes, again Energica. This time, the brutal naked, which the manufacturer dubbed “the street fighter for the electric revolution.” Power indicators as in the previous model – 107 kW and 145 horsepower. The torque is 215 Nm. The top speed of 200 kilometers per hour is more modest than that of the sporty brother Ego +. And he charges in the same way as his brother – Ego +.

Outside sharpening gives the bike a straighter ride for those who don’t like hunched over. The Eva Ribelle has a wider, straighter handlebar and a lower seat.

If you want to have a city bike cheaper than the sports version of the Ego +, then here you go, just $ 22,160 – 1,619,286.6 rubles.

Damon Hypersport HS and Premier

Electric hypersport. I will not hide – one of the most mysterious bikes. Moreover, the names in the model range are so romantic – “Arctic Sun”, “Midnight Sun” … And the mystery lies in the fact that motorcycles will be released no earlier than 2021. What they will be not according to technical data, but in real time and harsh road surfaces – is still unknown. Everyone is impatiently spinning on pins and needles to see how it will be.

The bike produces nearly 200 horsepower. In city and highway driving mode, it will stretch almost 321 kilometers without recharging. And if you charge, you will have to dance around him for three hours on charge mode 2.

The weight of motorcycles within a radius of 199 kilograms.

Hypersport will “bite” not only in relation to competitors, but also in relation to the buyers’ wallet, because the Hypersport HS costs $ 24,995 – 1,826,447.14 rubles, and the Hypersport Premier – $ 39,995 – 2,922,534.64 rubles …

2020 Lightning LS-218

Also a sports version. The power of this motorcycle is 90 horsepower, which at the limit gives 217 kilometers per hour. But it should be noted that more powerful versions are possible. For example, with a liquid-cooled IPM electric motor of 150 kW at 200 horsepower, this bike has a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour!

Without recharging, a motorcycle can travel only 160 kilometers, if you turn the trigger from the heart (or without), and in mixed mode, all 240 kilometers.

In terms of charge level, 30 minutes with DC fast charging or 120 minutes with a second tier charger.

This bike weighs 220 kilograms.

Motorcycles are available in three trim levels, depending on the power. However, the rates for any of them are not for every wallet.

The prices for them are as follows: for the 12kWh version they ask for 38,888 dollars – 2,841,643.38 rubles. For the 16kWh version they want $ 42,888 – 3,133,933.38 rubles and for the 20kWh version they will have to pay $ 46,888 – 3,426,223.38 rubles.

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