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Top inexpensive motorcycle gifts

When you want to give someone a gift, you don’t have to have a reason. Yes, it is customary to give little things on holidays such as February 23 and March 8, someone pleases loved ones on Valentine’s Day, and someone is not looking for reasons. But let’s say your motorcyclist has a birthday, or some other event for which you want to have a present, what to give?

People who are far from the motorcycle world begin to sketch ideas, they say, give a helmet, donate new equipment, donate gloves, a cool navigator or a camera. All this is insanely great, but expensive – once; you can’t always guess with the size – two. How to be?

For helmet

Okay, you’ve come to terms with the fact that buying a helmet is expensive and requires a meticulous fitting. But you so want to make a cool gift … you just need to know what kind of helmet the rider is wearing in order to pick up a new visor or glasses for him. A visor is never superfluous. Look what visors the birthday man uses, maybe one of them has already been scratched so that it’s embarrassing to drive and you don’t see anything in it.

If you are willing to spend a little more time to make the surprise really worthwhile, you can opt for the pinlock. There are experienced motorcyclists in motorcycle shops who are sure to help you, even if you don’t understand it. If you don’t know the name of your friend’s helmet model, take a picture of it, and the visor itself. Under the pinlock, you need a mount, it will be a shame if you just grab the first pinlock that comes across, and then it turns out that the visor does not imply its installation.

Don’t want to bother with visors, glasses and pinlock? Okay, you can donate Antifog sprays or gels, which are about preventing the visor from fogging up. A trifle, but nice.

Out of equipment

Since serious items of equipment must be chosen individually and always with fitting, then look after dimensionless things as a gift, such as balaclavas, buffs, bandanas, and arafats.

Helmets for a motorcyclist as socks on February 23rd. A win-win gift in any weather and for any pocket. Comforters wear out quickly, so this gift is always relevant!

Think, is your birthday person freezing? Why not give it extra wind protection? Is his neck closed when he drives? And the back? The windproof belt is another interesting gift. The back, like the neck, is very vulnerable. Wind currents constantly blow under the jacket, so many manufacturers try to make them elongated, and trousers with a high waist.

Practical gifts are raincoats and shoe covers. Riding in the rain is a dubious joy, especially when you feel that your jacket and trousers have already turned into blotting paper, and the phone in your pocket imitates a goldfish. Rainproof gifts are ideal for any rider who travels a lot or rides without regard to the weather.

Bags, backpacks, wallets and cases

Personally, I think a hip bag is a cool gift – it is comfortable, it looks original, everything is at hand. There are a lot of motorcycle bags, as well as backpacks. Unless, logically, a backpack should also be chosen with whoever travels with it, and a good backpack at a price already bites, but bags will be more loyal.

You can choose a good tank bag as a presentation, motorcycle stores offer good options.

Motorcycle wallets are usually multifunctional, with chains or straps even available. Have you noticed what your boyfriend / girlfriend is riding with? How does it store documents? Is everything stuffed into your pockets? It’s time to give a new wallet with inserts for documents!

Covers are another cool option. Not every urban motorcyclist buys them. It seems like you want to – and pricks, they don’t buy, because there is where to put a motorcycle, a garage or a parking lot. They think that this is enough. A cover is very useful in the life of a motorcyclist, and you just need to know the model of the motorcycle to find it.

Does the case seem too expensive? No question, let’s take a look at the spider mesh on the trunk. Also useful little things. How to carry a helmet for a passenger? And here is the net as a gift, hold it, roll it to your health!

For motorcycle

If you want to make a gift so that it can be used in the maintenance of a motorcycle, then it is difficult to come up with more actual gifts than candles, oil and chain lubricant. These are such consumables that are always needed. Again, you do not need to have a motorcycle passport to pick them up, just know the make, model and year.

Frames for the state sign, stickers on the tank … the choice of little things for a motorcycle, with which it is difficult to be mistaken, is also quite wide. Just before buying new tuning items, look at the possibilities for attaching them.

Brake disc locks, anti-theft chains – why not?

Gift Certificate

I really want to please the motorcyclist with a gift, but are you afraid to make a mistake with the choice or size? Don’t panic. Everything in the motorcycle store has already been invented for your convenience. Gift certificates are a worthy gift with or without reason!

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