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Top light urban motorcycles of 2020 for the beginner

It is always difficult for beginners to choose a motorcycle, although it must be admitted that most riders do not start with new bikes at all. However, if you have the opportunity to take a new motorcycle in order to ride it for more than one season without problems, then I advise you to take a closer look at the quite light and obedient models for the city, which will be presented below.

A couple of rules for choosing:

We have already covered some important points for choosing a motorcycle for beginners, but there is always something to add.

In this selection, the main factors for selection are weight and characteristics that will not disappoint the first season. There are new models here, yes, the price can bite, but this is not an aged bike from the secondary market, it does not sprinkle sand from pipes yet … and the amount of electronics in new models makes learning riding a pleasure.

A lightweight motorcycle is always convenient for novice riders. More than beginners, only athletes play motorcycles. The beginners are not yet accustomed to the weight of the bike – they find it inconvenient to park it, put it on and off the footboard, they fall when they take the wrong trajectory to turn or suddenly stall for themselves and do not have time to correct the situation. Therefore, you need to start, as they say, small.

2020 KTM 390 Duke

It would be strange not to see him in the forefront of this list. One of the most popular motorcycles used by city drivers. He is loved and respected for his ergonomics – everything is comfortable, and even nimble, moderately obedient. For a beginner, for a couple of three seasons, head is enough to fill the bumps.

Single-cylinder four-stroke engine. Weight without fuel – 149 kilograms.

If we talk about the 2020 model, then the user will find a multicolor TFT display with adaptive backlighting. The fuel tank has increased to 13.4 liters. Find a new side-mounted exhaust system. Ride-By-Wire throttle control and slip clutch. Plus the KTM My Ride system for smartphone control.

On the official website, the price for this is now 429,900 rubles.

2020 Kawasaki Z400

Although they call him “City Predator”, in fact he is quite a friendly guy! It is also the lightest twin-cylinder bike in its class at 167 kilograms. It fully conveys the features of a big brother – a supernaked Z series.Aggressive inclinations and a body with a sharp slope are easily recognizable. If you are ashamed of the fact that you are a beginner motorcyclist and want something daring, but smart – why not?

The 2020 Kawasaki Z400 features a redesigned intake system – a downward-facing intake tract mated to a large air filter housing. And this does not prevent him from responding sensitively to the throttle, and more importantly, not to kick.

At the moment, a new motorcycle will cost 512,000 rubles.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

The Yamaha MT is another famous series of street racers. Junior MT was created especially for beginner motorcyclists. And this motorcycle was expected. We talked about this in the article: “The most anticipated motorcycles of 2020”.

It is based on the YZF-R3 sports bike four-stroke engine – a parallel twin. An inverted telescopic fork completes the aggressive look. The suspension from the same sportbike adds agility and handling obedience. Fuel tank for 14 liters. The curb weight is 168 kilograms.

The manufacturer is sure that this little badass will take you around the city and outside the metropolis on a modest journey.

It costs almost 432,500 rubles.

2020 Kawasaki Versys X 300

Speaking of travel models. A motorcycle for those who need to ride a lot and not always on smooth roads. A good option for people living outside the city. The older versions of the Kawasaki Versys have enough fans, so it’s no surprise that the baby Kawasaki Versys X 300 made it to this list.

A robust frame and extended suspension travel are designed for active lifestyles, travel and carrying luggage.

The in-line two-cylinder engine can handle diligently at medium and low revs, but decent acceleration is no stranger to it. The fuel tank is 17 liters. The most roomy in our selection.

The curb weight is 175 kilograms, and the price is 538,000 rubles.

Honda CB300R Neo Sports Cafe

Where can we go without the legendary Honda CB? It’s a classic! Beginners are always advised to take a closer look at Sibikha and their variations. Even supported ones are still popular. The new baby Honda CB300R is super light at just 146 kilograms, a fraction lighter than the KTM 390 Duke.

Weight alone puts the model at the top of the list as the first motorcycle for girls. When a girl chooses a motorcycle that is too heavy for herself, the phrase “I thought I’d make my face while I lift it” no longer seems funny.

The manufacturer characterizes this motorcycle as predictable, reliable at all levels of operating ranges, and maximally loyal to the driver. The engine is four-stroke, single-cylinder.

Purely urban option. The size of the fuel tank is only 10 liters. The motorcycle is squat, in fact, which is also more in the box office for fragile girls.

Price – 415,000 rubles.

2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400

Another series known to many, a smaller version of which will be a worthy start. The sport bike is sensitive, sometimes with character. A good urban option if there are flat roads and a love for a sporty fit.

The engine is a four-stroke in-line two-cylinder.

The frame “Birdcage” is hidden by plastic. Uni-Trak motorcycle suspension. The bike has all the necessary virtues of a sportbike, so before taking on something incredibly “evil”, you can prepare well on the more docile Kawasaki Ninja 400.

Fuel tank for 14 liters.

The curb weight is 168 kilograms, but the price is 562,000 rubles.

2020 Yamaha YZF-R3

Supersport … just small. If you decide to take a step towards sports bikes, then this bike will help you prepare for the big game. An inline-two with all the makings of the big brothers of the R-series. The bike is manageable, very responsive to sharp turns, but stable due to the ratio of swingarm length to wheelbase length.

The manufacturer assures that this motorcycle will be comfortable for drivers of all sizes. And yes, we talked about it earlier when we examined the MT-03 engine.

The fuel tank is 14 liters, but the curb weight is 169 kilograms.

The price for a new motorcycle is 442,800 rubles.

Of course, the list can be expanded further, but the beauty of taking younger models from popular series as the first motorcycle is that then it turns out to be painlessly transplanted to more powerful models of the line. And yet, the new products in 2020 have predecessors that you can look for in the secondary market if the price for a new product seems too high.

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