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Top selection of movies about motorcycles and bikers

Long weekend or vacation, or maybe you had a free evening – how to take the time? Someone plays computer games, someone goes to friends, someone is busy with family, someone reads books or watches a movie. Now humanity has an overabundance of information that falls on us from all messengers and news portals. You want to watch one blog on YouTube, you want another.

In case you have already seen a lot on the Networks, and the good old “Ghost Rider”, “The Fastest Indian” and the series “Sons of Anarchy” have been watched to the bone, have compiled a small selection of various films and TV series for you. What if you missed something?


When you look at production from the inside, you really learn a lot. Documentaries are not as boring as they seem, and with the way cliches and ancient clichés are sometimes hung on motorcyclists in the cinema, documentaries can compete with action films and thrillers.

Why We Ride Motorcycles

The 2013 American film tells the stories of different people who explain what riding a motorcycle is for them. To look at motorcycle life deeper than showing off at a traffic light, it is even a very curious film. If your family or acquaintances don’t understand what riding a bike is because of news bulletins that only talk about accidents and deaths, show them the picture, they may change their minds.

Every Sunday, 1971/2014

A motorcycle racing documentary that suits motorcycle riders. There are two dates here, as this is the first film made in the “bearded” years, when motorsport was the lot of rare enthusiasts. The second film was filmed as a sequel in 2014 and does not give up its idea. Today, with the proper infusion of money, everyone can buy a sports bike, equipment and become an athlete – there would be desire and perseverance. Why not see how it all began? You might want to hit the sport!

The series “Megazavody” National Geographic

As a nerd, I love the work of National Geographic, including the series Megazavody, which has been released since 2006. It allows you to look at the factories of various large manufacturing giants. Each series is dedicated to a separate production or some recognized world legend. For this “good” you can sit down at the beginning of the New Year holidays and revise everything in one gulp, learn not only about the creation of motorcycles or Michelin tires, but also about the assembly of sports cars, airplanes, tanks, trucks … even about Lego, Coca -Kolu “and the production of intoxicating drinks.

In general, if you love smart films, learn how things work, and have not yet watched Megazavody, then it’s time to make coffee and sit down to watch!

According to the classics

In addition to modern action, there are films that do not become obsolete, although they were filmed a long time ago. Old films have their own magic, which lies in the idea, because then they were not yet chasing the box office and were not engaged in sucking out the next episodes, sequels and prequels from a seemingly finished story.

“Savage”, 1953

A film for retro fans, for those who want to know how it was at the dawn of motorcycle life. The film cultivates the idea of ​​motorcycle clubs and served as the starting point for other films like this one. Marlon Brando plays the role of gang leader Johnny Strabler. By the way, many of the actors were indeed motorcyclists.

Easy Rider, 1969

Another story that is idolized. The story of two guys who travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of a real free America, but do not find it. It can be difficult for contemporaries to evaluate a film because they forget to make allowances for the time shown in the film. During their journey, the main characters begin to doubt what they believed in, they see new circumstances for themselves that have shaken their concept of “freedom”.

“Unperturbed”, 1991

Let’s remember how they shot in the 90s? If we put aside our spoiledness with special effects and computer graphics, that is, this film has its own atmosphere. The plot is familiar to many: a gang on motorcycles, a bribed force in the city and an undercover police officer infiltrates a motorcycle club. There is no abstruse plot here, but there is flavor, motorcycles, shooting and fights.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy, 1991

Another old man who is remembered at the mention of movies about motorcycles. Young still Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson play the roles of motorcycle brothers who are trying to defend the bar for a dear friend. Well, in fact, who in the 90s makes a movie about motorcyclists who decide issues not by robbing a bank, shooting and explosions? A story about friendship flavored with gunpowder.

“Beyond the Law” or “Chasing the Shadow”, 1993

It’s the same classic story, an undercover cop becomes part of a motorcycle club in which dark deeds are happening. His task is to pass for his own, join the gang, find out everything about criminal deals and not give himself away. Through the eyes of a policeman, the life of the motorcycle club is shown from the inside.

A separate moment of assembling a motorcycle is good, probably for many people the film will for a long time be associated with a rusty frame, which is dragged to the protagonist as the basis for a motorcycle. Who here has not recalled their childhood and the first old bike?

Have you noticed what all non-documentary films have in common? A huge number of films are built on the idea that motorcycle clubs always have a double bottom line, in the plots they often introduce “their own” mishandled kazochka into the gang, and generously sprinkle the story with shooting, violence and illegal drugs.

And then we ask why society has such a negative attitude towards motorcyclists, motorcycle clubs and people on bikes in general.

Closer to our days

“Hooligan”, 2014

Sotsialochka, built on the problem of fathers and children. I do not promise a jagged action, but there must be something out of the ordinary on this list. For example, the story of a widower who loves to kiss a bottle, even having two sons. But events are concentrated around the younger generation, where the eldest son, who is still a bully, draws the younger one into his “fun”. As a result, the father is deprived of parental rights, and the youngest child is taken away from the family. The drama unfolds against the backdrop of attempts to return his son to the social unit and the preparation of the older boy for the motocross championship, which he wants to win for the sake of his father and younger brother.

Harley and the Davidson Brothers, 2016

Mini-series, which tells about the creators of the motorcycle cult “Harley” – William Harley, Arthur Davidson and his two brothers Walter and William. Do not pass by this work, the series is divided into several parts, which makes it easier to assimilate the information. But at that time the idea of ​​a motorcycle was really revolutionary! A good show that won’t tire you.

On the Road with Norman Reedus, 2016

The main character, Norman Reedus, is familiar to the audience from the TV series “The Walking Dead”, in which he also rode a bike, and also shot at everything that moves. In this series, he is more good-natured, and he is not surrounded by zombies. The idea of ​​the show is simple: Norman travels around America and talks about different places that are associated with biker culture.

The series “Mayans”, 2018

Spin-off of the series “Sons of Anarchy”, but the reviews, let’s be honest, are different. Therefore, if you are a fan of the “Sons”, there is a high probability of disappointment, because with the “Sons” themselves there is only a time base in common, which is shown from a completely different angle. If you do not get attached to “Sons of Anarchy”, then how can a crime drama be good.

The list for viewing can grow insanely long, given that different authors are attracted to the selection of films where a motorcycle simply appears as a vehicle. I would like to believe in the emergence of new sensible films that will show motorcycle culture not only as gangster gatherings and shooting from all calibers. We love many films because of the reminder that a motorcycle can be a means of achieving sports goals, interesting travel and bring our concept of “freedom” to people’s lives.

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