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Triumph Motorcycles Sales Statistics

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles reported worldwide sales of 41,086 units in the first eight months of 2020, down 8.1 percent from last year. Oddly enough, this is one of the best results among premium brands. In the first half of the year, the decline was 15.7%, but the company is ready to make a profit thanks to a decrease in the number of employees by 400 people and a number of other measures to restructure the enterprise.

Triumph has made significant strides in recent years. The British brand produces about 60,000 motorcycles annually, and between 2013 and 2017 they showed continuous growth, reaching a record of 61,500 units.

For 2018-2019, global sales dropped somewhat: in 2019 the numbers were 59,600 units. However, the company was planning to develop the Asian direction in the current and next years. Unfortunately, these plans had to be revised due to the well-known events with the coronavirus, and the management of the company, which had not made a profit for the last two years on paper, was forced to take tough measures to restructure the enterprise, including the closure of a number of projects and the dismissal of some employees (400 of 2400).

However, sales are performing better than expected.

According to preliminary estimates

Sales were estimated at 41,086 units in the first eight months of 2020, down 8.1 percent from the same period last year. The first half of the year showed a decrease of 15.7 percent. The hardest hit regions are the countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America, where the drawdown was more than 20%, while in North America and Europe, sales slipped by less than 10%, while European sales are improving from month to month.

With sales in the UK, everything is not rosy (-17.1%)as in Spain, Portugal and Greece. At the same time, sales in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Poland even increased slightly.

For 2020, the company has set itself an adjusted target to sell 56,000 units of equipment, down 5.3 percent from last year’s target. A very ambitious task in the current environment!

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