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Triumph prepares motocross and enduro bikes

Triumph Motorcycles are pleased to announce that they are working on a wide range of off-road racing bikes for motocross and enduro (dual sport). Their release will be accompanied by a factory racing program along with participation in the top cross and enduro championships.

World motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and five-time world enduro champion Ivan Cervantes will join the Triumph factory racing teams to not only race, but also test and prepare them for the competition. A schedule of Triumph off-road models, racing program and details of new products are expected in the coming months.

Nick Bloor, CEO of Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, stated:

Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Triumph brand that we all at Triumph are incredibly proud to be a part of. We are 100% committed to making a lasting impact in this highly competitive and demanding market, and are dedicated to creating a winning line of bikes for a whole new generation of Triumph riders.

Ricky Carmichael:

I am happy to announce that I am joining the Triumph family and even more thrilled to be part of their new quest for the off-road motorcycle category. This is an incredible opportunity for me to join the legendary brand and I am honored to be part of the development and release of new off-road models. Building something from scratch is what really intrigues me at this stage in my career. I am really impressed with Triumph’s dedication and passion for creating a high quality product. Everyone I met on this project – engineers, designers, constructors and so on – showed a genuine passion for what they do, and this is the recipe for success, and this is what I like to be a part of. We all share the same passion, and that’s great. If you are familiar with the Triumph brand, then you already know how high their quality criteria are, and off-road models will fully live up to their past.

This is an interesting time not only for me, but for the entire off-road industry, which includes a new brand, giving all its participants new opportunities. I can’t wait for the reaction of the public to the new models in the exhibition halls.

Triumph prepares motocross and enduro bikes

Ivan Cervantes:

I fell in love with Triumph motorcycles from early childhood, having met them on the screen of cinema and TV. So working with Triumph on this project from the very beginning is a great opportunity for me, not only because it is working with one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world, but also because together we are building something new from the ground up. This is a dream come true for any rider!

Like me, all of my colleagues at Triumph are focused on making these bikes the very best. I look forward to seeing these bikes appear in world-class competitions, but I will also be happy to just walk into the Triumph showroom and stand next to one of them, knowing that I am part of this big and unusual project.

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