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Triumph Rocket 3 2020 – the monster everyone is talking about

When a selection of heavy modern production motorcycles came out, questions began:

– Where is Triumph Rocket 3?

– Why isn’t the Triumph Rocket 3 here ?!

How to live on if there is no Triumph Rocket 3 ?! But, firstly, the weight of the novelty does not even reach three hundred kilograms. Secondly, to be honest, half of the world somehow lives quite well without this motorcycle, provided that its target audience is difficult to determine. The motorcycle is unique – for an amateur. Some, when they see its characteristics, deny:

– Why do I need so much motorcycle? What to do with all his fuse?

But after all, the Triumph Rocket 3 is worthy of a separate article with a review, even if you cannot call it the heaviest production bike, but the engine performance arouses much more curiosity. Moreover, the new 2020 is among the top expected motorcycles – no doubt.

So, meet the biggest serial roadster, aka “Ultimate Muscle Bike”!

Loud update

In fact, this is not one motorcycle, but two. In mid-2019, Triumph announced an update from two 2020 models – the Rocket 3 GT and R. According to Triumph, the modern Rocket 3 R and GT are considered the most technologically advanced factory roadsters, the pinnacle and perfection of the company.

The manufacturer is pleased to announce that both bikes feature the largest production engine in the industry – a 2.5-liter (2458 cc) in-line three-cylinder liquid-cooled. Peak power is 167 hp. at 6000 rpm, which is 11% better than the previous generation engine.

New balance shafts have been designed to lighten the engine weight and reduce vibration. Engineers revised the dry sump lubrication system and a separate oil tank. We see the hydraulic slipping clutch.

The novelty is equipped with a six-speed gearbox. Recall that the predecessors had only five gears.

The exhaust system with a hydroformed manifold structure three-in-one-three with a catalyst allows the powerful engine to breathe. And the air intake located in front helps the motor to breathe.

All this promises disruptive engine features, traction capabilities and decent acceleration dynamics.

Rocket 3 on a diet

The new Rocket 3 has dropped as much as 40 kilograms, which makes it 13% lighter than the previous model.

The bike rests on a new aluminum frame that features lightweight cast and forged components. Due to the structure, weight distribution is carried out, as well as the center of gravity located as low as possible. Features include a cantilever swingarm and a sideways mono shock absorber.

The motorcycle has an adjustable suspension with an inverted Showa fork and a rear shock absorber with hydraulic spring preload. Brembo Stylema is responsible for braking. Dual floating front brake discs with 4 piston monobloc radial type Brembo M4.30 Stylema calipers. The rear wheel has one brake disc with a diameter of 300 mm, 4-piston Brembo caliper.

Electronics to the maximum:

Second generation TFT instrument panel with customizability and individual adjustment for the driver. The nice thing is that there is a setting for the angle of the panel so that the driver can tune in and read it better, and also adjust for the weather so that there is no glare.

In stock anti-lock braking system, the effectiveness of which is provided by a new control unit – IMU. Traction control is provided to prevent rear wheel spin and temporarily reduce torque transmission.

To get the most out of the bike, you can use multiple steering modes – Road, Sport, Rain and Rider mode, which is individually adjustable for the driver.

Both versions are equipped with full-fledged LED optics – headlights, brake light, side lights and turn signals. A distinctive sign can be considered a kind of DRL pattern in double round headlights.

Since the motorcycle weighs a lot, it will be very useful for an assistant when starting off uphill. This system prevents the motorcycle from rolling back when it is on a steep grade. It is activated by the front brake lever. Add a cruise control system, keyless entry and a USB socket. Decent package. It’s a pity there is no quickshifter in it …

Additional features include quickshifter and GoPro system integration. An interesting decision was the close work between the manufacturer and Google. As a result, it is possible to connect the navigation system via an additional Bluetooth module using a special free application. An additional option is the on-board tire pressure monitoring assistant – TPMS. Integration with the phone and an app that allows you to manage the bike settings are available.

About convenience and style

The motorcycle can be quickly and easily turned from the standard version into an “egoist”. The seats are considered comfortable though. As for those who like to travel, there are additional solutions for such people – original luggage systems and travel options.

Design presentation boils down to recognizability, originality and boldness in accents. You can see the embossed logos of the Triumph brand on the gas tank, aluminum cladding panels, folding driver’s pegs (by the way, there were controversies about them at one time), a Monza-style gas tank cap, processed ribs on a black engine, a cooling radiator edging. The motorcycle paint is decent, note the two-tone front fender and chrome trim on many knots.

There is a very interesting detail – some elements that differ on both models are interchangeable – handlebars, seats, visors, footrests and so on. Triumph has prepared more than 50 factory accessories, so it’s really possible to assemble it almost by yourself.

It’s time to talk about weight. The Rocket 3 R weighs 291 kilograms, while the GT is three kilograms heavier at 294. Both models have an 18 liter gas tank. The gluttony of such a “big boy” is 6.82 liters per 100 km.

The Rocket 3 R features a neutral touring fit, while the GT’s footpegs are extended forward to allow for a placid ride. The GT has a height-adjustable passenger backrest, adjustable footrests, heated handlebars and 20-spoke large-spoke milled wheels.


The Rocket 3 R is a must-have for those who love big and fast bikes, for whom sporting qualities come to the fore. But the Rocket 3 GT is more comfortable, landing slightly lower with forward footpegs and a windshield, the bike becomes more comfortable for long journeys.

The manufacturer took into account all the wishes of users in the update, eliminated the shortcomings, made the motorcycle more obedient. Now he is more complaisant and predictable than ever. There were complaints about the previous models, they say, the power and weight could behave on the road as they wanted, but now the reviews are much more cordial, and there is no limit to the admiration from the first tests.

Both models can be described for a long time, especially if you take into account all the proposals that the manufacturer can set. The cost of new motorcycles within a radius of two and a half million, plus or minus a hundred thousand for possible personal wishes in the package.

The motorcycle is not for everybody, since you still need to cope with its volumes and dimensions, and for that kind of money there are enough competitors breathing down the neck. Although catching up with a monster with a 2.5-liter engine – you need to try.

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