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Triumph Semi-Annual Global Sales Statistics 2021

Triumph Motorcycles’ global sales in the first half of 2021 saw the largest increase of any non-electric motorcycle manufacturer. Triumph motorcycle registrations worldwide rose to 43,111 (+ 50.7% and 24.3% over the respective periods of 2020 and 2019).

Rapid growth

All premium motorcycle manufacturers show good sales in the first half of 2021, but Triumph is the most successful among them so far. A year ago, the British manufacturer announced a restructuring plan, spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which the company’s British staff was cut by about 10%. Apparently, the restructuring turned out to be successful: sales last year sank by only 2%, and in 2021 they began to grow rapidly, revenue and profit for the financial year (the company ended in June) reached record values ​​for the company, and the results of the first half of the calendar year give hope that the second will be more than positive. Sales for calendar year 2021 are projected to be over 75,000 units – a significant increase considering the previous year’s record of 60,400 units.

In addition, the company began operations in China (immediately receiving excellent results), sales began to grow in Asia: in India, Turkey, Malaysia and Vietnam, and good results in the USA and Canada reinforce the success. And only Europe shows “unremarkable” 25% increase.

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