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Trousers: how to choose them and what are they like?

No self-respecting motorcyclist will pass by quality motorcycle pants. Only the lazy buys ordinary trousers, but ten times a season, naively believing that it is cheaper this way. Due to the active work of the legs, direct contact with the motorcycle seat, gas tank, rubbing against the hot parts of the motorcycle, any simple trousers are washed once or twice. What can we say about protection in falls, in which specialized trousers are able to protect you, unlike ordinary ones.

What are motorcycle pants?

Moto pants, like jackets, are divided according to the materials from which they are made. Models are traditionally distinguished:

  • Leather
  • Textile

Leather trousers are ideal for aggressive pilots, as an alternative to the professional tracksuit, which is not easy to ride in heavy city traffic. Leather pants, like jackets, are more resistant to abrasion, have good moisture protection, fit the body nicely, look great, and are undoubtedly warmer in them at the beginning and at the end of the season.

However, such pants will be much heavier than their textile counterparts, because of their density, they breathe little, even with perforated inserts. Leather products require a lot of attention to personal care. Modern manufacturers necessarily add protection for the knees and hips, nowhere without it, even if we take into account the margin of safety of the skin itself.

And yes, some models can be clipped onto a motorcycle jacket.

Textile trousers have a very wide range of models. There are tourist, lightweight urban, cross-country options, and of course motorcycle jeans. A big plus of textile trousers is their versatility. Among interesting materials for textile models there are:

  • Cordura
  • Kevlar
  • Polyester
  • Fleece
  • Nylon
  • Windstopper

A huge number of combinations for flashing the most vulnerable spots make the purchase of motorcycle pants a very profitable solution.

Textile motorcycle pants are lighter than leather ones, they do not restrict movement when walking, but here’s a paradox, less elastic! Due to the large number of combinations of synthetic fabrics, textile trousers have different properties, for which pilots of various classes of motorcycles fell in love.

Touring models have a huge number of additional pockets and different levels of thermal output in combination with different lining membranes, plus mandatory moisture and wind protection. Cross-country models are always made of textiles with reinforced stitching and protection, but there is nothing for a cross-man to have a thousand pockets on the track. Urban models rely on practicality, convenience and style.

Motorcycle jeans – what is their advantage?

For drivers who are preoccupied with their appearance or the need to change their clothes upon arrival at work, there are quite acceptable models. As for motorcycle jeans, many unknowingly throw stumbling blocks at them, believing that if outwardly they do not differ from ordinary ones, then why pay more? In addition, some banally confuse motorcycle jeans and civilian jeans from the side.

Motorcycle jeans are a proven solution for materials, the quality of which can withstand increased friction in the event of a fall, and also includes thermal protection, Kevlar inserts. The strength gap of regular jeans will end in the first second after falling on the asphalt, and motorcycle jeans will still compete for the integrity of your skin. Do not forget about the anatomical cut, which allows the wearing of knee pads, because the manufacturer has taken care of your comfort and level of safety while riding. Stylish looks that won’t make you look like a ghost rider.

In addition to materials, trousers will always take care of:

  • Additional seams, stitching and zippers

  • Convenience and the number of fasteners, adjustments and belts to make you as comfortable as possible wearing such motorcycle pants

  • Ease of boarding a motorcycle. Not every manufacturer of civilian pants thinks about how your hips feel in the landing of a dashing cowboy on a motorcycle.

  • Possibilities to combine with other equipment. Do knee pads and thermal underwear fit under motorcycle pants? Cut “for motobots” and “motoboots”. Is it possible to clip your motorcycle pants to a motorcycle jacket?

  • High waist so that the wind does not blow in the back

And all this against the backdrop of a stylish appearance and the most thoughtful protection.

The skin is warm, it keeps rain well and creates a flirtatious image, additionally protecting you when you fall at high speeds. The textile is comfortable, light and practical. It is universal for any purpose, although it wears out a little faster. Moto jeans are much safer and warmer than simple casual trousers, devoid of Kevlar inserts. Motorcycle jeans are ideal for the city, when you do not plan to reckless on the road, because they protect you when you fall at low speeds, but when flying 100+ it is already dangerous. They do not have to be changed upon arrival at work.

In terms of built-in protection, the adjustable pockets for D3O inserts have already proven themselves in many different models.

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