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Turbocharged Chinese sport bike with V-twin

In the 1980s, Honda experimented with a turbocharged 250cc four-stroke two-cylinder to pit it against the GP’s 500cc two-strokes. Alas, the 150 horsepower bike never made it to the track as Honda failed to push through a rule change that would have allowed it to race.

Around the same time, the turbocharged version of the Honda VT250F road bike was developed as part of the idea of ​​ u200b u200bcreating a small turbocharged motorcycle suitable for both the road and the track. The development almost led to the production of the model in 1985, but was also phased out.

VTR-300 Turbo

What might a supercharged small-cubicle be like? It looks like we’ll find out soon, as the Chinese company Benda seems to have found the diaries of Honda engineers in the museum and developed “VTR-300 Turbo”, about which she recently released a teaser as part of the New Year’s greetings.

At the moment, apart from the name of the motorcycle and its silhouette, almost nothing is known. But, The VT in the name suggests it will be a V-twin, the R and the clearly bonded silhouette mean it will be a sportbike, and the 300 stands for the displacement.

Although the Benda brand may not be very familiar to us, and in China it is considered a newcomer, but it already makes a rather cute 298-cc bobber, the BD300-15, based on a two-cylinder, liquid-cooled, two-shaft engine that produces 30 horsepower. The model was introduced in 2020, followed by Benda’s announcement of a 680-cc inline-four as part of the LF-01 concept, which eventually went into production for 2021 under a new name, the LFC-700.

I think it is clear that the V-twin BD300-15 will become the main engine of the VTR-300 Turbo, and depending on the supercharger it will produce something like 50hp. By the way, the VTR-300 Turbo is not the only motorcycle on Benda’s New Year card – the company showed the silhouettes of two more models, the LFC-700 and VTC-300.


The LFS-700 is a clear offshoot of the LF-01 concept and the production LFC-700, which is slated for release this year. If the C in the LFC stands for Cruiser, the S in the LFS is most likely an abbreviation for Sport, as the silhouette is outlined by a much shorter wheelbase motorcycle than the LF-01 / LFC-700. The engine will clearly be the same 96.6-horsepower 680-cc inline-four that looks suspiciously like the Honda CB650F in terms of piston diameter and compression ratio and overall configuration, but has 2mm more piston travel for 31cc. cm of working volume.


The VTC-300, in turn, is a derivative of the BD300-15, but in a more typical cruiser style. Even the silhouette shows that it has longer fenders, a taller steering wheel and a more substantial passenger seat, but otherwise follows the BD300-15.

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